Target Selection Guidelines -

UPDATE: All bases and caps are now YELLOW ZINC PLATED for superior corrosion resistance and improved resistance to bullet spall. This is a big improvement as it's chemically bonded into the steel and will not chip off as powder coat can.
AC zone is approx 12" x 24"
Full size is 18" x 30"
Static design is excellent for double tap drills
Center hole designed for 1/2" carriage bolt


IPSC AC-Zone Silhouette 3/16" 12 lbs
IPSC AC-Zone Silhouette 1/4" 17 lbs
IPSC AC-Zone Silhouette 3/8" 26 lbs
IPSC AC-Zone Silhouette 1/2" 33 lbs
IPSC AC-Zone Silhouette 5/8" 50 lbs

IPSC Full Size Silhouette 3/16" 23 lbs
IPSC Full Size Silhouette 1/4" 30 lbs
IPSC Full Size Silhouette 3/8" 45 lbs
IPSC Full Size Silhouette 1/2" 61 lbs
IPSC Full Size Silhouette 5/8" 77 lbs

IPSC Cap Mount 2.2 lbs
STATIC H Base 17 lbs


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