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Improve your point-and-shoot accuracy with the iProtec® RMLSR Rail-Mounted Mini Red Laser Sight. Featuring a bright <5mW red laser and a durable anodized aircraft aluminum housing, this laser sight is compatible with rail-equipped handguns and long guns. Simple elevation and windage adjustments make it easy to zero the laser for optimal accuracy, while a water- and impact-resistant design ensures superior performance in tough environments.
Manufacturer model #: 6655.

<5mW red laser
Anodized aircraft aluminum housing
Compatible with rail-equipped handguns and long guns
Simple elevation and windage adjustments
Water- and impact-resistant
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Web ID: 100147516

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I was always curious why they didn’t stick a standard pet laser light on a mount and call it a laser sight. Now they have! Hey some people just can’t afford a $300 laser sight.

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This is the finest Chinesium, sir.

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I’m all for American Made lasers, but that wasn’t the point. Also, 95% of the $200+ lasers on people pistols are going to be Chinese made. I use red dots on my guns.

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Paying 300 for a laser just so you can hip fire sightly more accurately up to 15ft is as dumb as paying 10. Rather pay 100 for something decent. If hip firing is a priority, you need to practice using your iron sights

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