IO INC Hellhound Tactical AK47 - $799

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IO Inc Hellhound Tactical AK47. Free Shipping, no tax. Seen this gun elsewhere going for 1200-1500 dollars with all this insanity lately. Nice Gun. They also have a lot of other AK47's in stock at reasonable prices as well (again, given the hoopla lately). Peep it and see if it is for you. They have 13 left in stock as of now. Had 48 in stock only 2 days ago, so going rather fast. is the storefront for IO INC, so they only carry their products as far as I know. Keep posting friends! Especially anything with great ammo deals or extended clips for the MKA 1919 Tactical Shotgun.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
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I placed a few different

I placed a few different orders with Royal Tiger for two Polish AKs and 6 additional AK magazines. After 2 weeks the magazines arrived. Another 2 weeks went by and we received one of the AKs. Then a few days later we received the 2nd AK. That is when I noticed that the rear trunion was not installed properly and had to send the AK back for warranty. At that time I also noticed that 6 of the magazines did not hold the 30 rounds that was advertised to do. All 6 were returned in the same shipment.

Two weeks went by and I contacted IO Inc for the status. I was told to wait another 2 weeks.

I waited two weeks and then contacted IO again. Never got a hold of anyone via email or phone for the next 1.5 weeks. Then Keith answered and told me that I needed to wait another 3-4 weeks. At this point I was fed up and told them just what I thought about their business.

The next day I contacted Keith again and his first statement to me was, "You haven't received the AK yet? It should have shipped." Yesterday he told me to wait 3-4 weeks and today he told me that I should have it. Which is it? Then he asks for my serial # so he can look up my account. Twice now he has told me status updates without actually looking up my account. This just seems to be the norm with their customer service as I found from other recent posts and reviews.

Keith calls back a little while later in the day and says that my AK was not repairable. It apparently was good enough for them to ship it to me in the defective condition but when I get it and send it back, the firearm is not repairable. That just shows they have no quality control system in place. Keith told me a new AK would ship that day. I asked him about the 6 magazines and he responded as if he knows nothing about the returns. He then says, "If you sent in 6, then you will get 6 back."

A few days later the AK arrived. I opened it up and by first glance, the AK seems to be in working order (minus test firing for functionality) but there is another issue. They sent me 2 magazines that automatically ship with each new production AK. They kept 4 of mine. Contacted IO again and this time the customer service and warranty division phones rang and rang and rang with no answer. I then called their accounting division and was immediately greeted by someone. Told her the issues and she would respond within a few hours. Not to mention the 2 magazines they sent me for replacement also did not hold the 30 rounds as advertised.

A few hours goes by and she calls back stating they screwed up, AGAIN and that 7 new magazines would ship via next day air.

The next day I receive a box of magazines and I sat down to load every one of them. 6 of the 7 magazines do NOT hold 30 rounds. At least this time I am getting more than 25 rounds in each but at max, 28 rounds before the spring and follower bottom out. Attempted to contact IO Inc numerous times and have yet to get any response in the past month. They have rid themselves of my issues by turning their cheek.

I contacted the BBB and filed a claim. The BBB contacted IO Inc on numerous attempts and came up dry every time. IO Inc and Royal Tiger Imports had Facebook pages so I wrote as many reviews as possible to gain some attention. Instead of attention, IO Inc and RTI removed their Facebook pages from the Internet (I assume based on the amount of negative exposure recently). As of today, the BBB concluded that IO Inc has not fulfilled their obligation. From there I went to my bank and filed a claim to refund me my money I spent on the defective magazines. I am still in possession of these magazines as IO Inc won't respond to my requests.

AT ALL COSTS, AVOID IO Inc and ROYAL TIGER IMPORTS. From my understanding they have changed their name a few times and because they have gained negative exposure in the past. I would place bets that they are going to shift their business dynamics to better suit their pockets than to serve the community.

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I'm amending my earlier

I'm amending my earlier review. Here's my experience with Royal Tiger. After about a month of waiting from placing my order, I tried to contact them to get an update on when my firearms were going to ship. Since they're so busy at the moment, they are not taking calls or answering emails. It took three weeks and many attempts to get in touch with them to receive a response, and only then from contacting

Apparently both my firearms had shipped to my FFL a month ago, but they never marked the items as shipped on their website, notified me of the shipping, or put any contact/name/order information on the actual firearms they shipped to my FFL. So, my FFL had no idea who the firearms belonged to, and I had no idea they were at my FFL. Once I found out they had indeed been shipped I was able to get in touch with my FFL and figure out they did indeed have my items. It was a comedy errors, any one of them easily fixable were it not for the panic buying spree going on at the moment.

As for the firearms themselves, the AK (the sporter version) is pretty decent quality, about on par with a WASR-10. The other rifle I bought was an M69, but I don't know if I would rate its condition as "very good" (according to their site). The bluing is good, but the stock is in pretty subpar condition.

My advice is to go ahead and order from them, they're a legit company (I had my doubts initially after reading other negative reviews), but do be vigilant about checking in with your FFL after they charge your card, and keep low expectations for their used items. Otherwise I'm quite happy with my purchases, though less so with the process of obtaining them.

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I ordered a polish Ak47 from

I ordered a polish Ak47 from these guys on Decmber 20th 2012. A good friend ordered the exact same gun the very next day for $30 more than I had paid. HE rec'd his almost 2 weeks ago. I finally reached a live person on the phone at royal tiger yesterday, January23rd, had them check on my order, they had all required info and assured me that it would be sent soon.. THREE HOURS LATER someone else from RT's office called me to let me know that they had canceled my order, claiming that they didnt know if or when they would rec'v another shipment of the polish rifles. Thats understandable, HOWEVER my order was placed when they had them in stock on Decmeber 20th, FIVE WEEKS AGO! Her reply was basically if you want to check back on our website in about a month we may have them back in stock again. For the last 5 weeks my emails have gone unanswered, on at least 3 occasions I was able to reach a live person, after roughly 20 to 40 tries on any given day, that live person assured me that my order was in the que and would be sent soon. Their website and phone system both urged patience as they were dealing with a large volume of orders ( understandable enough) but they will eventually ship all orders they rec'd for instock items on a first come first served basis. Apparently that line applies to just about everyone else but my order. Granted I was never charged but if thats what these guys call customer service they're crazy!

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This place along with Class

This place along with Class Arms are both within an hour from me in NC. I avoid both at all costs. Both have zero customer service and play the blame game non stop. Its ALWAYS someone elses fault from ups to the firearm mfg to the amount of humidity in the air, etc. Go thru your favorite local dealer if you can.

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I don't have any experience

I don't have any experience with Royal Tiger, but the rifles from IO Inc. are excellent. The only downside to this one is the sight radius is shorter than their standard Sporter AK (which lacks the quad rail). I just called my local gun shop and asked if they can order one directly from IO. Sure enough, they could. That's your best bet to get one without having to worry about questionable importers/dealers.

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Royal Tiger & I.O. are one in

Royal Tiger & I.O. are one in the same. Same address. RTI is the distribution arm for I.O.
I've ordered magazines from them several times with no issues.

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they have not fulfilled my

they have not fulfilled my order, which was ordered on Dec 23. No reply to emails yet and difficult to reach by phone. So I will not order this AK47. Month ago price was 599 for this thats after increase from msrp.

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If you check the better

If you check the better business bureau, they have an F. I have been looking for other people's experiences with this company. I hope that they deliver.

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lame, I want one also.

lame, I want one also.

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