The newly manufactured M1 Carbines are 100% American-made with 100% American parts. They are faithful copies of the original Inland Manufacturing carbines, right down to part construction and stampings. They even include the arsenal-stamped stock markings known as cartouches!

These carbines are so precisely copied from the original specifications that the company marks the underside of the barrel and the inside of the stock to prevent potential fraudsters from passing these new carbines as mint WWII originals.


Caliber: 30 Carbine
Capacity: 15
Barrel Length: 18"
Finish: Walnut, folding low wood with reproduction cartouches
Receiver: Cast, precision machined to close tolerances
Action: Semi-Automatic
Grooves: 4
Twist: 1:20
Length: 25.75" folded, 35.75" open
Weight: 5 lbs. 3 oz
Extras: Canvas Sling, oiler, manual

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There's one at my local gun shop and I honestly would not recommend it... the action on it is VERY gritty. So much so that it was hard for me to fully open the action. Then when it was back all the way I had to push it closed. Before anyone asks- yes the one at my LGS is a new production Inland and Yes, I am familiar with M1 Carbines (I've owned one for about 3 years now).

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Thank you!

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Does anyone know anything about these rifles? Anything about Red Dot Arms?

I really want to get a M1 Carbine but have been turned off by the Auto Ordinance offering.


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