Interstate Arms Hawk Defense 12 Gauge Shotgun • 3" Magnum Chamber • 18" Cylinder Bore Barrel • Forged Steel Receiver • Parkerized • Dual Slide Bars, Similar to 870 • 6-Shot • Shoots 2.75" or 3" Magnum Shells • Black Synthetic Stock with Recoil Pad • Receiver Rail • Bead Front Sight • Great For Home Defense

Manufacturer: IAC IMPORTS
Model: HAWK 981R
Caliber: 12 GA
Barrel Length: 18.5"

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How is this compare to Maverick 88 for home defense?

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This is an excellent shotgun for the price. I picked mine up last year for around the same price as a secondary shotgun to keep in my closet upstairs. I also have a Remington Versamax and a Remington 1100, and I have not been disappointed with the quality of this IAC. Sure, it's made in China, but fit and finish has been more than fine. It's a little heavy, and the stock butt end isn't the softest, but I didn't buy it to be shooting everyday. As far as ammo goes, it takes everything you can put into it. The other nice thing is it accepts MOST Remington aftermarket parts. I changed out the safety on it for a larger Remington safety, added a fore end Streamlight and that's all. If you wanted to spend more, it will accept Magpul upgrades as well. You can add an extended tube with some minor modifications. Tons of videos available online on how to do this. I don't think you'd be disappointed with this shotgun.

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On Black Friday 2013, CTD had these for $125. I'm waiting and see if they have the same deal this year. I'm planning on dropping the SG in a Bullpup Unlimited kit. Checked the forums and some guys have already done it successfully using the IA Hawk. For less than $500 I'd have an 870 measuring less than 29".

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Not the quality of a Mossberg or Remington....but it'll fend off the bad guys when called upon!

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870 aftermarket parts like extension tube, swivels, etc work on this?

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The rear swivel studs do not match up (Uncle Mike's brand). The thread is different. You can find the correct threaded swivels studs on ebay for $6 specific for the Hawk. I think they put a metric thread in the stock for some reason. The Uncle Mike's tube cap fits but you have to wiggle it a little as the teeth aren't an exact match.

I picked my Hawk up from CTD last year on Cyber Monday for $125. Wish I had purchased two. Love this gun.

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As far I know, the IA Hawk 981R and 982 will take all parts from an 870 except the barrel itself.

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Do not be scared of this low price. I have one of the 982's and it is a quality shotgun. It has twin action bars and will accept rem 870 stocks.
This is the best bang for the buck for a home defense weapon. I would go for the ghost ring sight model but a red dot atop this shotgun would work just as well.

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Shocked there are no comments on this, i guess everyone has one already. If there is anyone that does not already know they are a 870 clone. I bought one and have shot a couple of cases of cheap buckshot, slugs, and tons of birdshot from it, yet to have a problem. I did take mine apart and went a little crazy with the dremel and flitz polish when i bought it. A lot of gun for the money.

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