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Hyperion Munitions FEAR-112 Features The Hyperion Munitions FEAR-112 is a cutting-edge firearm that is designed for maximum performance and precision. It features a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frame with a textured grip, making it easy and comfortable to handle. The shotgun also boasts an 18.5-inch barrel and a custom-tuned trigger, which combine to provide exceptional accuracy and control. Hyperion Munitions FEAR-112 Specifications Brand: Hyperion Munitions Model: FEAR-112 Category: Tactical Shotguns Gauge: 12 Gauge Capacity: 5+1 Stock Material: Synthetic Action: Semi-Auto OAL: 40" Sights: Iron Chamber: 3" Barrel Finish: Black Choke Configuration: Multi-Choke Grips: Black Polymer Application: Home Defense Receiver Material: Steel Barrel Length: 18.50" ?Receiver Finish: Bronze Weight: 8.20 lbs Stock Finish: Bronze
UPC#: 850027515519

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Why don't more shotguns use a collapsible stock? Looks pretty sweet

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Well, I can’t say from experience, but I would bet you that stock would bend after a thousand rounds or so, i’m guessing that’s why they use folding stock’s more.

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Interesting setup. Makes me wonder if this is made in USA or another Turkish import. Can't find a lot information about this besides the generic.

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It's Turkish. It's using the same naming scheme as the other copy/paste Turkish shotgun company Garaysar.

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Beautiful shotgun.

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