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This HQ Issue Seat Cover has gone undercover. It appears to be just a normal Seat Cover, protecting your seat from food, drink and general wear and tear. But it has a hidden secret. This Cover is designed to keep your self-defense tools close at hand for unexpected emergencies. The front Velcro® brand closure can keep your weapon accessible. Plus, each side has a zip pocket for secure storage and easy access to all your belongings. The back features a water bottle pocket, grip-strip and zip gear pockets, and pouch with cinch string. Keep your seats protected, firearm concealed and all you items in their proper place.

Rugged 600-denier highly-durable tactile polyester
Universal fit on any bucket-style seat
Adjustable, with thick grip-strip tightening system
Nylon, stretchy head rest for a snug fit
Front concealed carry pocket for your gun
Side zip pockets for quick access
Rear water bottle pocket
Grip-strip and zip gear pockets on rear
Rear pouch with cinch string.
Weighs 1 lb.
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