Howa Mod-X Gen III Precision 308 Win 22" Barrel 10 Rounds - $537.62

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•This rifle features the Howa 1500 black barreled action w/H.A.C.T. trigger, & the A-B Arms MOD X GEN III Modular Rifle System w/black synthetic Urban Sniper Stock & SBR P-Grip
•Aluminum, hard coat anodized to MIL-SPEC Type III
•0 MOA built into MIL-SPEC 1913 rail
•11.5" free-floating modular forearm w/(3) sides of KeyMod attachment points
•Multi-point radial cut inlet (no V-block)
•LOP: 10.62"-15.69"
•Integrated push button mag release located at front of trigger guard
•Uses AICS-style mags in .308 & .223/300 Blackout
•Includes hard case & cable lock
•Wt.: 3 lbs., 2 oz.
•Made in USA


Category: Rifles
Caliber: 308/7.62x51mm
Brand: Howa-legacy
UPC: 859143003825
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I bought a lightweight Howa

I bought a lightweight Howa 6.5 Grendel barreled action and a lightweight LSS chassis from Brownells. I plan on using it for hunting. By the time I added the stock, buffer tube, grip and optic rail I have over $250 more in my build. In comparison this is a great deal. That is why I jumped on it. If these Howa actions shoot as well as they claim I would buy this deal in 6.5 creedmoor

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Am I reading this wrong or I

Am I reading this wrong or I can chamber three different types of rounds just by swapping my mags around.

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If you asking this you

If you asking this you shouldn’t be owning a gun

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I wasn't asking for your

I wasn't asking for your opinion jack ass. I've come across typos on here before especially when the deal seams to be to good to be true. So if you don't have real info you shouldn't respond to a question you don't have the answer to. Especially since this app has stores from coast to coast.

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Maybe they just aren't

Maybe they just aren't selling to well because it is Howa and not Remington or Ruger. Maybe it is just my neck of the woods, but nobody uses Howa. I'm not saying they are good or bad, just not popular here. Which isn't the worst thing for Howa, because most people where I live don't know the difference between a Remington 700 and Winchester 70 lol

When I look at the website, it seems to be the whole rifle. Am I crazy? Maybe so.

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Just did a google search of

Just did a google search of the UPC for this. There’s a bunch of sites selling this between $530-630, some considerably higher.
Maybe it’s not all that great of a deal?

Something isn’t adding up here. There’s no way a $700 setup plus $350 barrel/action should be going for half price at so many stores.

I’m starting to think it’s a misprint and this is only for the chassis

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I called before I ordered

I called before I ordered because I thought the same thing. It’s for the entire gun.

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This seems like a pretty good

This seems like a pretty good deal when you start adding up the parts.

Brownell has the barreled action for 329.99 plus their $10 gun fee

AB Arms list the chassis on their site at $699.99. I don't know if that includes the stock and grip. If not the stock is $99.99 and the grip is $19.95.

Then you need a carbine buffer tube, most have one laying around but the one that comes with the gun has threaded adjustment holes to more securely accept the set screw.

So you can see the price for the whole gun is about half the cost of the parts. Having said that, it is not an exception deal because other vendors are selling the same gun for a similar price. I just placed my order from this listing (Mr. Gun Dealer)The price plus $29.99 shipping was $567.61. You can buy the same gun via credit card from Bud's for $568.56. or $552.00 cash discount and they have free shipping.

I don't buy from Bud's because of the way they treated me on a purchase years ago. But those of you that do, may try to get a price match and then get free shipping. That would be a better deal. But even so...screw Bud's I will gladly pay a few dollars more not to give him a penny. To date I suspect he has lost about 10K in sales from me. This gun being another $567.00 he lost out on.

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The chassis alone is 650...

The chassis alone is 650...

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That’s what I recall too.

That’s what I recall too.

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3lb, 2 oz rifle with a 22"

3lb, 2 oz rifle with a 22" barrel?????

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The chassis is 3lbs 2oz, the

The chassis is 3lbs 2oz, the barreled action is listed on Brownells at 5.15 lbs. I suspect by the time you add optics you will be around 11 lbs.

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Why does this seem like it’s

Why does this seem like it’s a smoking deal???
How does this compare to Ruger Precision Rifle, Weatherby Vanguard Modular Chassis, Mossberg MVP Precision, or a Savage 10?
This price is cheaper than all those named, is there a reason for that or is this a smoking deal?

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Weatherby is made in the same

Weatherby is made in the same factory as the Howa in Japan.

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