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Attractive, Affordable and Reliable Downrange
The Legacy Sports Howa Chassis Rifle FDE provides long-range shooters with an attractively priced precision rifle that is guaranteed to make precision shots every time in the hands of a capable user.
The Legacy Sports Howa Chassis Rifle FDE features an aluminum chassis, along with a heavy-barreled Howa 1500 action. The stock also features a Luth AR adjustable butt stock, which is secured through the use of an AR-style buffer tube, allowing for a wide range of customization.
- Features bolt-action system
- Barrel length: 24 inches
- Weight: 10.2 pounds
- Features total capacity of 10+1
The Legacy Sports Howa Chassis Rifle FDE comes with a multi-cam colored chassis, as well as a precision riflescope.

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