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An Affordable Bolt-Action Perfect for Suppression
Howa's line of Mini-Action rifles offers a number of unique option for today's shooters, allowing them to have precision platforms tailored to calibers more-commonly seen in ARs and other modern sporting rifles. One of the unique options seen is the Howa Model 1500 Mini-Action in 300 BLK, complete with a threaded heavy barrel.

Since the Howa Model 1500 Mini-Action is a bolt-action platform, there's no reciprocating bolt that can produce loud noises during firing, and the lack of a gas system means there's no reliability issue to confront when using subsonic ammunition, one of the highlights of the 300 BLK chambering.

- Barrel length: 16.25 inches
- Barrel twist rate: 1:7-inch
- Weight: 5.7 pounds
- Ships with one 10-round magazine

The threaded muzzle invites the use of a suppressor, meaning that this could be the perfect rifle platform for an ultra-quiet bolt gun for close-range hunting and shooting.

MPN#: HWB60306

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