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Lock-N-Load Auto Charge
Digital Powder Dispenser Quickly Meters Precise, Consistent Charges
Electronic powder measure has a scale capacity of 1,000 grains and can precisely dispense powder to within 0.1 grain. Easy-to-use keypad, back-lit digital display, and three speed settings help you quickly meter and measure the powder charge you need. Lets you choose between automatic and manual dispense settings, and overcharge prevention system helps protect you from reloading mistakes. Easy-Clean drain for quick, complete removal of powder from the hopper for cleaning or to switch powders.
Do not use with black powder.
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:538
Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:088
SKU#: 50068

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I bought one of these because I got tired of the motion using a Lee powder measurer.Well big mistake,this thing was a piece of junk.Would constantly over charge. Made sure to follow directions to a T and still didn't work.Sent it back and got the frankford arsenal powder measurer and would not look back.So many better features with the frankford than this one too.

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right now they are upto $299 and code TAG only discounts $15, so title needs to be updated

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code works for me

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Currently $239.99 - Code does NOT bring price to $139.99

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I'd like to hear some opinions on this one versus the RCBS one posted right below this. Obviously this one is $100 cheaper.

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