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Whether you are varmint hunting or target shooting, these .22-caliber bullets have a weight and design that can fit your situation. From a 45-grain Bee or Hornet to 75-grain moly-coated A-MAX®. Hornady's A-MAX bullets with the Ultra-Low Drag™ tip is the ultimate match bullet. Per 100.
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$11.76$12.11 (3%)$14.95 Flat Rate
$12.56$12.94 (3%)$14.95 Flat Rate
$11.99-$15 firearm, Acc $8.99 - $12.99
$11.99-Flat $14.95
$11.99-FREE S/H, $198 annual membership required, $2 for a 2week trial, must call to cancel
$11.99-$14.95, Free over $500 w/code SHIPFREE
$11.99-$14.95-$24.95 And $10 For Additional
$12.67-Flat Rate $9.99
$12.89-Name YOUR Price for product, Shipping starts at $9.95
$12.99-Firearms $19.95, other $9.95-$12.95
$12.99-$14.95 Firearms, $10 other
$12.99-$7.95 to $12.95
$12.99-Firearms Free, $7.95 everything else
$13.16-$0 - $39 on Firearms
$13.89-$7.95 Flat Rate Shipping.
$13.99-$15-$30 Firearms
$14.99-$14.99 - $19.99
$14.99-Free S/H over $99
$14.99-Firearms Ship Free
$14.99$15.44 (3%)Flat Rate $11.99
$11.54- Additional

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It's normal price.Thank you!!

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0 votes

this is normal price, thanks for posting something that's not on sale or a deal, what a waste of time !

1 vote
1 vote

Why is this showing back up on the front page? There’s no sale on any listed on the site. Vmax isn’t even listed on that link. The $9.99 is FMJ-BT 55gr 100 count, which is their everyday price.

Thanks to TehHappyGunner for digging up a 3 year old post

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1 vote

This is pretty much for the reloader that wants to try a small amount of the V-max 55 gr BTHP W/C before buying a bigger lot.

10.0 cents/bullet here. Bought a 2000 pc box for $150 to my door and that seemed like an OK deal at 7.5 cents/bullet delivered. Probably been lower before or since.

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Showing as in stock right now. Uber expensive for not being a match round though.

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1 vote

Price was per 100

2 votes
1 vote
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