A handgun is like a wallet: You shouldn’t leave home without it, but you hope you’ll never need it. Keep your Glock ready at a moment’s notice with Uncle Mike’s Pro-3 Duty Holster!

This holster secures to your belt outside of your waistband, keeping your lifeline easy to access at all times. The holster is made of Kodra nylon, which was developed during WWII for use in tires but which also makes for an extremely hard-wearing fabric. Kodra is resistant to moisture, abrasion, and puncturing.
Uncle Mike’s OTW holster keeps a pistol securely in place until it is needed with a non-stretch retention strap, which includes a tensioning device that adapts to varying degrees of pressure. You can even reholster one-handed.

This holster’s laminated panel braces against the leg to stabilize the pistol as you quickly draw it. And in spite of its rugged, ergonomic design, Uncle Mike’s Glock holster still keeps a low profile.

MPN#: 35211
UPC#: 043699352111

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November 30, 2020 very good Cyber monday deals on this site. The shipping of $15+ kills it. If you buy a bunch of the other deals it might be worth it.

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