Your Glock 45 or S&W M&P isn’t going to do you any good gathering dust on your nightstand. Even though you hope to never have to use it, you need to carry that piece of hardware around 24/7. But you also need to carry it comfortably and conveniently.

This high quality holster by Blackhawk lets you carry your handgun securely in your waistband. Any part of it that actually touches your body is made of moisture repelling leather, and its clips and sheath are made out of crush and impact resistant Kydex. This holster’s clips are cleverly designed to let you still tuck your shirt in while carrying a concealed weapon. They are also removable, permitting you to mount the holster on your belt in one of two angles for optimal convenience. Behind the hip, strong side, cross draw or appendix carry – it’s totally up to you.

This holster features a screw which adjusts the amount of tension that keeps your weapon in place. Its trigger guard is fully covered to prevent a misplaced finger or other protruberance from causing an unintentional discharge.

Fits belts up to 1.5” wide.

MPN#: 422001BK
UPC#: 648018189296

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