Manufacturer Heckler & Koch, Germany
Part HK416 Upper Receiver Assembly
Caliber 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem
Receiver Type Flat Top / A3 – MIL-STD 1913 / Picatinny Rail
Upper Receiver Parts Installed HK Factory piston bushing, charging handle, forward assist & ejection port cover assemblies
Material Aluminum
Finish Matte Black Anodizing
T-Markings White, Numbered 2-14
Manufacturer Markings HK logo, C.I.P. and Stag Antler proof marks, and AG or AF date code.
Platform Compatibility HK416, MR556, AR-15 Variants

Because these genuine article, Heckler & Koch HK416 uppers are sourced from actual H&K stock of like-new surplus, there MAY be MINOR abrasions and blemishes resulting from disassembly.

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I am completely blown away that someone is going to spend $700 on some used AR parts just because they say HK on them.

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This is crazy pricing

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The charging handle is 299€ from zib alone! This is what a marked HK German made upper goes for. Blame HK! Very rare part. Use code: ilovemy416 for 5%off.

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$700 for a stripped upper and charging handle essentially that isn't even new? I don't care who made this, it's overpriced crap and everybody knows it. A brand new Larue rifle in 6.5 grendel, .223/5.56, or .300 BO is $890. The HK416 brought nothing to the table that any DI or piston AR from a great AMERICAN company couldn't under any useful metric. It's whole existence (and limited success) has relied on the marketing division at H&K. H&K is a fine quality manufacturer, but that doesn't mean their juice is worth the squeeze. Want the best .223/5.56 rifle in the world? Buy a SCAR 16s or KAC SR15. They're both cheaper.

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