Caliber: .40 S& W – Overall Length: 7.68 In. – Overall Height: 5.31 In. – Overall Width: 1.26 In. – Barrel Length: 4.25 In – Sight Radius: 6.22 In. – Weight Without Magazine: 28.96 Oz – Weight With Empty Magazine: 1.82 Lb – Magazine Capacity: 10/13 Rounds – Trigger System: Sa/da Dao – Trigger Pull: 20 N (sa) – Trigger Pull: 51 N (da) – Sights: Fixed

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Price compare for 642230249592 - Heckler and Koch USP V1 Pistol .40SW NS 3 13rd Magazines

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Will this ship to California and if so what do I need

Pretty sure the Mag limit in CA. is 10 rounds. If they would sell this too you it would be without the Mags and that really ruins the deal! Not to mention, if you care that is, if you acquire the mags separately you'll be breaking CA. gun law, unless there are 10 round mags for these, which I doubt.

If you look in the description under captivity it says 10/13 so I would assume we're good?

There is most definitely 10rd mags for the USP and they are littered throughout eBay for dirt cheap.

You NEED to move out of CCCPalifornia.If that is not an option,contact the website selling the gun to see if they will even ship to CCCPalifornia.If they do,they will tell you if this is even legal to ship to CCCPalifornia and what is required.

The USP are go to war pistol. The newer models are design for civilian carry.

These are AWESOME GUNS. Not the best trigger but incredibly reliable, rugged as all hell and fun to shoot. The .45 USP is one of the greatest pistols ever made.

By far this is the greatest handgun ever made . This is a steal get one while you can . I have 2 and the usp 45 . The usp beat the beretta 92 in military trials but the price was to much for the government. This is the last of the go to war pistols .

Honest question, the pistols currently produced by HK are not "go to war" pistols?

The HK P30 and HK45 are everybit as well made as the USP.

While I 100% agree with you on the quality and reliability of the USP (a favorite of mine), but $500 for a used PTI is not a steal at all, especially in 40sw. Check gun broker for current market value. 400

Where can I get a $400 dollar USP, if you can find me one preferably in 9mm I will buy one on the spot.

9mm? I’m talking 40sw USP and u can get them for $350-400 at Sportsmans O.S when the Police trade ins are in stock. Police never used USP in 9mm so good luck with finding it.

Where are they lower? Honest question because I'm considering one.

Honestly curious how these would compare to a police trade in Glock? Average wear about the same? Never had an HK but I like the look.

My experience with HK Police trade ins is they have been fired little but will have a significant amount of wear which is largely cosmetic. They don’t include the HK date codes otherwise that would be a telling sign as you are talking about a USP which the USP40 was developed in the early 90’s. So you could either get a really old USP or a newer one, again it’s all in the date alphabetic date codes. Honestly, $500 for a USP40 police trade in is a bit high and that “good” rated condition from Gun Prime is skeptical at best.

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