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Note this does NOT seem to be the S&B made "Select Grade" we're used to, the box says "Made in USA".
This is a new post to distinguish the old black/red S&B box & hopefully get some comments, reviews, etc.

New orange box Herter's 9mm 115gr FMJ brass cased 1190 fps
"Quality powders, bullets, primers
Reloadable brass cases
Consistent accuracy

High-quality powders, bullets, primers and reloadable brass cases ensure the performance, reliable feeding, and consistent accuracy serious shooters demand. Herter's Handgun Ammo offers shooters quality ammunition at affordable prices."

Target is also available in .380 ACP 95gr & .45 ACP 230gr.

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I haven't seen good prices on ammo since Bass Pro took over.

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Agreed. I have $300+ of 20% off gift cards that remain unused since the takeover. Back when Cabelas was independent I'd blow through those cards regularly. As soon as I can find a deal that at least matches a good sale by other folks I'm gonna use those last gift cards and never buy another.

Bass sucks ass!

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I know this isn't a very good deal at $9.99/box ($0.20cpr) but we need some talk about the new ammo, if its any good & thus to look out for when deals/offers come around.
Right now there is one 2/5 star review (for unknown caliber) on the site & thats not much to go off of.

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Edit: I should have emphasized an important point that effectively negates the relevance of my entire comment. My comment was based on the 'old' Herter's which was S&B sourced (Czech Republic). The 'new' Herter's, post-merger, appears to be a different "USA Manufacture" source. When / If I test, I'll update my experience.
Sharing my experience with Herter’s ammo at length. You can skip to the last few paragraphs for the summary.

A few points in advance: This is based on 1950 rounds of Herter’s I’ve purchased and shot over about 3 years in two calibers: 9mm and .40 S&W. My opinion is based on MY actual, first hand experience, not web chatter from keyboard disciples. I’m not the shill or brand fanboy, nor a habitual denouncer of everything. This is an objective assessment with a background of 4 decades of shooting.

I fired 1050 rounds of the 9mm; and 900 rounds of the .40 S&W in five platforms ranging from full size to subcompacts. All with stock spring setups, all in good shape but not necessarily squeaky clean during every session. In other words, real life conditions. Shooting type ranged from leisurely target to some rapid fire coursework.

My initial draw to Herter’s occurred during the crazed ammo days. Nearest Cabela’s would occasionally get pallets of 9mm and offer them for $9.99/50 with a maximum 2 boxes per buyer/day. Not a stand-out bargain today, but it certainly was back then when you couldn’t find stock anywhere, at any price.
The .40 S&W was much more recent in early 2019 when they were closing out individual box offerings at $11.88/50 rounds ($0.24 cent/round, a great price for brass). And I needed some fresh brass. Yes, it’s easy to scrounge for 9mm brass, but not quite as easy with .40 S&W. Not to mention that it’s nice to have matching brass with known provenance.

Some background on Herter’s (well, recent Herter’s at least…not the Herter’s of yesteryear). Herter’s is Cabela’s house brand and now carried over to Cabela/Bass Pro Shop. Prior to the merger (not to digress, but this has unsurprisingly not been good for the consumer based on my price tracking), Cabela’s offered a wide range of pistol and rifle calibers in Herter’s as in individual box offerings. Post-merger I’ve only seen 9mm and .45 ACP in stores. But it appears they’re still offering the other calibers in bulk format with combination dry storage box online.

These two calibers at least, are Sellier & Bellot rebrands. The 9mm / 115gr is S&B’s SB9A. The 40 S&W / 180 gr. SB40B. You can look up online. Both jacketed and both boxer primed/brass cased (not just brass coated steel cased). The 9mm bullet is a copper alloy jacket that’s essentially a mild yellow brass (‘CuZn 30’ = Copper 70%, Zinc 30%). The .40 S&W bullet is a common copper jacket (CuZn 10). My chrono test yielded velocities very close to S&B’s published data denoting barrel lengths of 5” for 9mm; 4” for .40 S&W. My tests were in a Beretta 92; and H&K USP40 Full Size, so nearly the same barrel lengths.

Performance: I’ve had 100% positive function with the 1950 rounds fired across multiple platforms. Velocities are not puff or middling loads. These are loaded to higher end of the caliber standards for the projectile weights which tends to promote good cycling/ejection. Also, I measured the COL’s and they were near SAAMI max, which again, likely contributes to positive feeding in pistol rounds. In terms of consistency/accuracy my experience has been quite good. On a crude sandbag rest both calibers yielded slightly tighter groups out of my better platforms than most of the other factory rounds I’ve shot over the years. But not as good as my tuned handloads, as expected.

In terms of brass / powder cleanliness, I simply have not noticed much difference between the Herter’s and other factory ammo. No more or less sooty brass cases than other typical target grade loads. However, they may be a slight bit dirtier in powder residue build up than some other more ‘boutique’ factory ammo.
From a reloading perspective, I’ve found S&B brass to be very consistent by weight and measure. Comparatively speaking, the primer pockets are slightly tighter than all other headstamps I’ve loaded. This is good and bad. Good in that I’ve seen some of my lowest ever std deviation and extreme spread figures from my S&B 9mm and .40 S&W reloads perhaps thanks to the brass consistency+low primer pocket leakage. Bad in that when I’m priming, it requires slowing the process down some and a more lever torque applied to ensure positive primer seating. This isn’t a big deal, just a fyi.

Bottom line for me, I don’t buy much factory ammo because I reload most calibers I shoot. And in today’s bargain market of abundant availability, I wouldn’t pay more than a maybe a very nominal premium for Herter’s. But all else held equal, Herter’s 9mm and .40 S&W would be my preference for target grade, big-box store stuff if caught on sale or market availability issues. Hope this helps.

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Agreed. Every good deal is relative to something else and its only good if you compare apples to apples. There are a lot of variables. In this case, there's so much out there for cheap 9mm that's readily available I don't see any reason to get excited about this one either.

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