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This ammunition is loaded by Sellier & Bellot, one of the world’s oldest, most-respected manufacturers known by shooters worldwide for quality and consistency. High-quality powders, bullets, primers and brass cases ensure the performance, reliable feeding and consistent accuracy serious shooters demand. Herter’s Select-Grade Handgun Ammunition offers a large selection of centerfire handgun calibers at affordable prices. This new-manufacture, reloadable ammo is ideal for practice, target shooting and training. Per 50.
Note: .25 Auto is Berdan Primed.

UPC#: 754908500635
SKU#: IK-218178

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Not in stock.

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A lot of negative reviews on Cabela's site about Herter's .380 ammunition going as far back as 2016-2017. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this ammo? Perhaps those customers who left negative comments were impacted by bad batches? Has anyone who had just bought this ammo had a chance to shoot it? continues to send me back in stock notifications but Cabela's is out of stock everytime I check. I give up!

OOS. Again!

01/14/2018 sent me a message just now stating that the item was back in stock but Cabela's says otherwise.

Please review the error(s) highlighted below in red.
The following item is out of stock and not available for purchase at this time:
Item #: IK - 218178 | Herter's® Select Grade Handgun Ammunition | CAL/GAUG: 380AUTO 95GR FMJ

Still not in stock in 380. 45 is not a bad price. I need a better deal on 40 s&w.

I received this message when I add the Item to my cart

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.7ca93617.1547410398.7fe34ecd

Out of stock.

It show 380 not in stock

Is this deal over now?

Looks out of stock

you guys used any additional coupons?

It won't ship to zip codes 606,607,608. Mine is 601 and it wont work...

Ordered enough to get the Free Shipping. Thanks for posting!!!!!

If it ends in. 88 its clearance and you wont see it again.

What number is ending in 88?

Won’t ship to Illinois. That’s ok won’t have to spend an hour getting it clean with this crap.

Where does it say no ship to illinois? As long as you provide your foid and drivers license, I have had cabelas ship to me a dozen times

I went through the whole process it didn’t ask for foid card or ID. It just said cannot ship to this address?

You have to call. Cannot do online

Free shipping over $50. Had my order of this ammo in .380 shipped fedex overnight. Ordered on Friday afternoon 1/4 and it was on my porch Sat morning. Save for the tax, definitely not a bad deal at all!

The .380 auto is manufactured by Sellier & Bellot...good ammo. I got mine for .19 per round including shipping and tax, so a great price for this cartridge. Thanks for posting the deal!

Bought 10 boxes of .45 from this deal last week. Free shipping, came in 3 days later. Not a huge fan of Cabelas because they seldom have good deals, but you cant beat this in my opinion. Great price for decent range ammo.

Wow that price for brass.380 and .45acp can't be beat,plus free shipping over $50.HAPPY NEW YEAR

finally a deal from Cabelas, good prices lets see them ship it out now.

Why would they not ship it?

And they are actually shipping them since items ending in .88 are hit or miss with cabelas inventory management problems and thus cancelling orders. .308: $9.88 (sold out now), 30.06: $9.88 and 45acp: $11.88......Cabelas is uo to something as their prices and sales have sucked since Bass Pro ruined them

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