Heckler & Koch (H&K) 745001A5 HK45 V1 45A 4.4 Black 10R - $972.75 ($7.99 S/H on firearms)

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H&ampK 745001A5 HK45 HK45V1 45 ACP 4.53&quot 10+1 Black Synthetic Grip Black FinishSKU: GAG_745001A5-52296UPC: 642230005167Manufacturer: HECKLER & KOCH USAManufacturer part number: 745001A5

H&ampK 745001A5 HK45 HK45V1 45 ACP 4.53&quot 10+1 Black Synthetic Grip Black Finish

SKU: GAG_745001A5-52296

UPC: 642230005167

Manufacturer: HECKLER & KOCH USA

Manufacturer part number: 745001A5

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45 ACP
Brand: Heckler & Koch Inc
UPC: 642230005167
MPN: 745001A5
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