Introduced in 2008, the P30L (for Long), has a slide and barrel thatmeasure approximately a half-inch longer in length. Otherwise the P30L isessentially identical to the P30.
Like the P30, the P30L was designed as a modern police and security pistoland combines optimal function and safety. Ergonomic features include aspecial grip frame with interchangeable backstraps inserts and lateralplates, allowing the pistol to be individually adapted to any user.
Ambidextrous controls include dual slide releases, magazine release levers,and a serrated decocking button located on the rear of the frame (forapplicable variants). A Picatinny rail molded into the front of the framemakes mounting lights, laser aimers, or other accessories easy andconvenient. The extractor serves as a loaded chamber indicator providing areminder of a loaded chamber that can be subtly seen and felt. The standardP30L is a 9 mm “Variant 3 (V3)” with a conventional double-action/singleaction trigger mode with a serrated decocking button on the rear of theslide.
P30LS models have the features of the “L” model with the addition of anambidextrous safety lever mounted on both sides of the frame. LS models areavailable in conventional double-action/single action trigger mode withdecocking button (“V3S” 9 mm and .40 S&W) and with HK’s enhanced doubleaction only “V2” Law Enforcement Modification trigger. A special “V1”lightweight trigger pull model of the Law Enforcement Modification is alsoavailable.
Extensively tested, P30L and P30LS models have been adopted by severalinternational police and security agencies. Excellent weight and balancemake the P30L naturally pointable, easy to control, and accurate to shoot.An open notch rear sight with luminous (non-radioactive) contrast pointsallows for fast and accurate target acquisition, even under poor lightingconditions.
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