German army selects Haenel's rifle to replace H&K G36
C.G. Haenel has a long history as producer of semi- and fully automatic Rifle: In the 20th century Haenel was involved in the development and production of the world’s First assault Rifle, the StG44. The complete know-how of this rifle category went into the development of the civil CR- and the military MK models, which comply with the AR-15/M4 standards. The own production with a cold forging machine rounds off the expertise of the Suhl specialists. Here, sport and military Rifles are made which set new standards on an international level – made in Suhl, Germany.
C.G. Haenel stands for a well-rounded range of large-caliber hunting and sporting rifles, as well as precision rifles and machine guns for law enforcement and the military. The company can refer to a long tradition: The Royal Prussian Rifle Factory inspector Carl Gottlieb Haenel came to Suhl with his idea of industrial rifle production – rifles have been produced here under the Haenel brand since 1840. The Haenel arrow soon came to stand for new-style construction and production principles, precision and robustness. Modern Haenel rifles also convince through a pragmatic, functional approach, yet do not conceal their origin from the gun capital Suhl, its love of classical gun making and intelligent details and innovations. Haenel rifles are modern but not fashionable. Prosaic, but not soulless. Functional, of the highest quality and safe.
The Haenel CR223 in caliber .223 Rem. is a weapon in the AR-15-class and is fully compatible to the basics of this class. The indirect gas-operated Pistol is a Haenel in-house development. This semi-automatic Pistol convinces the police and law enforcement with many detailed improvements.
- Action: indirect gas operated
- Flash hider: A2 Standard
- Pistol grip: A2 Standard
- Finish: Black
- Safety: fire pin safety, ambidextrous safety lever, 90°
- Barrel length/Twist: 10" / 254mm - 7"
- Handguard: 2 Picatinny rails, 2 KeyMod rails, removable without tools
- Handguard length: 205mm
- Trigger: direct trigger with 3.200 g trigger weight
- Caliber: .223 Rem.
MPN#: CR223B10

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LOL, price is now $3999.99

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I’ll put money on it the lower isn’t the same as the real one and I’m not talking about full auto either. . Fr that kind of money you better get the original. That kind of money is a rip off .

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Price will probably double or triple once Biden bans importation of semi auto firearms. This is more of a niche market for people who have the money to buy what they want. It's not for penny pinchers.

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0 votes is the only importer of this pistol from Germany, and guarantees satisfaction! This is an incredible gun, and the only one available at this price in the USA

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I should have pulled the trigger at $2999. Why the jump up to $3500?

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Capitalism at its finest.

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