H2 Targets 10lb Bulk Exploding Targets - $39.99

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This package contains 10 individual packages along with individually packaged catalyst packets for each. They may be subdivided smaller at your discretion.

H2 Targets is proud to offer the most affordable targets in the shooting industry. H2 Targets are meant to be detonated by firearm only. Using H2 Targets for any other purpose is breaking the law. Always read instructions & follow all safety guidelines. Check your local County, State & Federal Regulation before purchasing & using in your area.

H2 Targets are legal in 49 States (not Maryland), with restrictions that include but not limited to the following:

Once mixed it is considered an explosive material so you can not transport it or store it without proper licensing (it must be mixed and shot on site within a reasonable time).
Once mixed it is considered an explosive material so do not re-sell mixed product or use mixed product for commercial purposes unless you are licensed to do so.
Before use check your local, state, and federal regulations for areas approved for the use of this product.

H2 Targets are very safe when common sense and the directions are followed. Once mixed it must be impacted with a high velocity round to set it off, it will not go off if it dropped, shaken, kicked, even struck with a sledge hammer. It takes about a 40 grain bullet traveling around 2200 FPS directly impacting it to cause it to go off, anything below these requirements will not reliably set it off. (We have reports of customers having success using the 17 HMR, but not at a 100% success rate).

Each target contains two components, a base and a catalyst which is per-measured for each target and sealed in a bag within the target. To prep the target for use (first read and ensure you understand all directions and safety instructions), simply open the target, remove the catalyst and dump the contents back into the target container. Seal the container back up, mix for 30 seconds or until the entire contents are a light grey color with no white left. Place the target at a safe distance (100 yards) and location then you are ready to shoot. Not for human consumption.

Q: Will these targets start fires?
A: No, they will not even start fires when shot in dry grass.

Q: What kind of surface should I place my target on?
A: Any surface except one which be dislodged and become projectiles is fine. Don't place them in your back yard if you don't want a basketball sized spot of grass to be missing.

Q: Can I divide the product up for smaller targets?
A: Yes. For an even mix it is best to mix a half of pound, then pour the mix into the small containers. We have shot a small 1"x1"x1" cardboard box filled with
H2Targets using a 17 HMR, and the explosion was louder than the gun blast. You may not store any mixed portion of the target you do not use that day.

Q: How far away should I be when shooting the targets?
A: We recommend at least 50 yards.

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