. Full Size - These grips fit most Full Size Government and Commander size 1911 pistols.
2. Made to last - CNC machined from strong durable non slippery G10.
3. Aggressive - Sunburst texture provides a secure grip regardless of sweaty, greasy, or gloved hands.
4. Precision machining - the grip are cut for ambi safeties and have a slightly beveled bottom, Precise Size Control - 3 1/16" spacing between screws.
5. USE - Tactical, IPSC, IDPA, etc.
6. If you have ideas for customization and high volume purchasing, please feel free to contact us via

$25.49 Coupon: LEK45AWS

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Great Grips! I have several sets of these and their quality is equal to VZ grips and 1/4 the price. Cheap enough you can get extras to see which style and color you like most on your gun. Just wish I had found / bought these before I wasted $200 on my first 2 sets of VZ grips. I have replaced all of my wood grips with G10 grips to save to originals from getting damaged -and well because G10 rocks!! Get a pair - you wont be disappointed.

2 votes
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