The GunVault SpeedVault Biometric Handgun Safe is the perfect way for you to keep your pistol away from unwanted hands. This Gun Safe from GunVault features an advanced biometric access fingerprint sensor that can hold up to 120 fingerprints for fast and codeless entry. The fast activation drop down drawer allows you to quickly access your firearm, should it become necessary to do so. Made with a protective interior foam liner, the Gunvault SpeedVault Biometric Fingerprint Safe w/ Activation Button will make sure the finish of your pistol remains in its current state. The GunVault SpeedVault Biometric Pistol Safe has an LED and audio "low-battery" warning light that alerts you when the power supply needs to be changed. When you want increased security and easy access to your weapon, you need the GunVault SpeedVault Fingerprint Pistol Safe.
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Costco has them on sale for ~$80 at least 2x a year.

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You linked to a cheaper non-Biometric model. Amazon is running the model shown here on at $156 shipped currently so at this time the OP item is a better deal.

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You are correct, sorry about that.

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