The Guntec USA AR-15 Roll Pin Punch Set is perfect for getting those pesky roll pins started. The hollow end on each punch helps to prevent damage caused by an accidental slip off while getting the pin started. Use our hollow end punches to align and start the pin then finish driving it home with an impact punch (sold separately).

- Heat treated steel
- Four piece hollow end starter punch set 
- All sizes needed to complete a build

Punch inside diameter sizes:
- .130"
- .100"
- .086"
- .067"

Guntec USA manufactures more than just AR-15 parts and accessories. They offer a wide variety of AR-15 gunsmithing tools like this hollow punch starter set as well as impact punches to finish the job. Make sure the job is done right with Guntec USA tools.

Brand: Guntec USA
Manufacturer: Guntec USA
Type: Roll Pin Punch Set


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Buy the Squirrel Daddy's for $7. They're a little short but USA made. Have functioned well through several builds. You can the 4" stainless are $17

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Can *get* the 4" stainless "for" $17. Sorry about the mild stroke

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