- US Made
- T6 Aluminum Body
- Air Lite Series
- Proprietary Barrel Nut Included
- Total Weight Including Barrel Nut Is 8.9 oz!!
- 5 KeyMod Slots On 3 Sides of Front End Of Handguard 
- Triangle / Diamond Cuts Throughout Handguard to Reduce Weight
- Rail System Slides Over Barrel Nut , And Is Locked Up Against Receiver With 6 Screws
- Tight Fit Up Against Receiver, Which Allows For A Monolithic Top Rail
- 15″ Length
- Heavy Duty
- Internal Diameter: 1.34″
- New Minimalist Design
- Spiral Buffer Tube
- 6061 Aluminum Tube, and Endplate
- Short Textured Buttplate, Non Slip Design
- Extremely Lightweight
- Complete With Buffer Tube, End Plate, Ambi 1 Point Sling Plate, HD Castle Nut, CAR 3 oz Buffer, & Chrome Silicon Buffer Spring
- Total Weight is 9.1 oz
- Total Length is 9.5″
- T6 Aluminum 
- Total Weight: 3.6 oz!
- Ultralight Skeletonized Series 
- Extremely LightweightPerfect Width Enhances Trigger Pull
- Ergonomic Finger Grooves , Non Slip Design
- Skeletonized Design
- Very Durable

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As bad as this junk is for sale. Trump is completely disastrous for America and as shown with his acceptance of Russians paying for the killing of Americans with Russian weapons, he wants to help Russia in destroying America too.

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1 vote

most of the trump stuff is pretty bad but I think we have a new champion of worsefullness here

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