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Guard Dog,® the leading manufacturer of security, self defense and tactical products, brings you the ProShield 2 Backpack — the ultimate in bulletproof protection that doesn't LOOK like bulletproof protection. The back panel is actually an N.I.J.-certified Level 3A Kevlar® ballistic panel that's capable of stopping common handgun rounds including 9mm, .380 ACP, .45 ACP, all the way up to a non-armor-piercing .44 Magnum. And it's always right on your shoulder, ready to deploy at a moment's notice.

More than just a ballistic shield
It might be a piece of solidly built ballistic protection, but it's also an awesome Backpack in its own right. It features strategic padding on the lumbar region as well as the shoulder straps, helping to disperse the weight of a full load and making it comfortable to carry for the long haul. Inside, numerous compartments — including a laptop/tablet sleeve right in front of the ballistic panel — helps you stay organized. Finishing off the package is a built-in aux port and media cord, which lets you keep your phone or mp3 player in the pocket — safely away from the elements and theft — while listening. And the best part? It weighs mere ounces more than standard un-armored backpacks.

- 19"x14.5" back panel is actually a Level 3A Kevlar® armor panel, N.I.J.-certified
- Tested to stop up to a non-armor-piercing .44 Magnum
- Enhanced comfort padding on back and shoulders for comfortable carry
- Laptop/tablet sleeve keeps your expensive hardware from bouncing around
- Built-in aux out port lets you listen to music without having to hold or expose your phone/mp3 player
- 20+ organizational panels help you keep organized
- Measures 20.5"x14"x11"d.
- Weighs just 4.5 lbs.
- Official N.I.J. Level 3A Certified for bulletproof protection
- Tested and certified against .44 Magnum and 9mm
- Built-in auxiliary out port from backpack strap
- Enhanced comfort padding
- Sturdy reinforced handle
- Stronger padding with added stitching
- Outer pocket for phones and other personal items
- 20+ organizational panels
- Measures 14"x11"x20.5"h.
- State color and order today!

Key Specifications
Item Number: 670468
Type: Backpack with integrated Kevlar Level 3A ballistic armor
Protection level: 3A N.I.J.-certified
Protection area: Entire back panel
Special features: Laptop sleeve, media port, padded shoulder and lumbar
Measures: 20.5" x 14" x 11"d.
Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Mfg. Number: BP-GDPBP2000
Item number: E740J-670468

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Save your money... just stuff a panel into your existing backpack.

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Because most people who want to shoot you would aim for your backpack

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If you see or hear gunfire coming from one direction, you would probably use it as a shield for yourself or someone you care about, as you flee.

Completely innocuous looking, daily carry body armor, that also carries your daily crap? Better than walking around a campus with your full rig plate carrier?

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0 votes

Well it stops handgun rounds and if you're running away they aren't going to try and shoot you in the head with a handgun.

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