The vest is made from 500D Cordura fabric.
You will have a 6 months for quality warranty
There is a shoulder pad to help in reducing the pain of the shoulder.
There is a quick release in case of an emergency or convenient to remove and put on.
There is a page that can put 3 AR mags or AK mags.
Side cummerbund There are 3 compartments on each side for storing things such as radio, mag, AR, notebook etc.
important for the police, the Royal Thai Police or this patrolman can also put the plate that the royal has given. No need to look for new people You can put it on this one.

❤️ This is it. Its features I think it answers the needs of the officers a lot at a price of less than 200, the brothers don't have to add anything. Put simply, the armor can be used to perform the task.

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Yeah not alot of trust with that kind of warranty. I like the look of it though. Anyone own this and can give insight on its quality?

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Ahh, the '6 Month Warranty', forever the sign of a reputable brand that stands behind the quality of their own product. Surpassed only by Harbor Freight's 90 day warranty. Who wouldn't bet their life on it?

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