Grand Power's X-Calibur features a CNC machined steel chassis with no MIM or cast components and a rotary locking barrel system. The frame has ambidextrous controls, a match grade trigger, and modular replaceable backstraps. The X-Calibur also features a fluted bull barrel, an extended safety, and ambidextrous mag release. Its scalloped slide has deep front and rear serration and fiber optic front/Elliason adjustable rear sights.
This model is chambered in 9mm and now comes with (3) 15 Round magazines.

Barrel Length5"
Barrel Length In Inches4.9900
Barrel Length Range5.00" to 5.99"
Barrel TypeStainless Steel
Caliber9mm Luger
Capacity15+1 (Includes 3 Mags)
Frame ColorBlued
Frame FinishBlack
Frame MaterialPolymer
Grip MaterialPOLYMER
GripsBlack Polymer
Magazine Capacity15.0000
Number Of Magazines Included3
Primary Scan CodeGRAND
Search CodeGRAND
Sight ConfigurationFiber Optic Front, Adjustable Rear
Sight StyleAdjustable
SightsFiber Optic Front, Adjustable Rear
Slide ColorBLUED
Slide DescriptionBlack
Type Action FunctionSEMI-AUTO
Weight28.1 oz
Weight In Ounces24.0000
Weight Range16.00 oz to 31.99 oz
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Comments (15)

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is it me or does the face of that trigger shoe look really wide? I wonder how the finger feels on it. Should correct any errors on finger placement.
Yes I know, weird observation... I look at that because I have issues "reaching" triggers on some larger handguns...

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It's not as wide as on my Taurus Spectrum (~.42" vs .38" measured about mid way up the trigger). Sorry, that's just what I had handy to compare it to. The face of the trigger is gently rounded around the sides as well, which makes it feel even smaller than it is, though I don't think it's quite as curved as much as a mil-spec AR trigger. Because of this and the light trigger pull, if your finger placement is slightly off to the side, you don't feel like you are pulling on the "corner" of a squared-off trigger and it still feels very normal (something to watch out for, I suppose in terms of pinpoint accuracy). Also, the Excalibur trigger has subtle vertical serrations that help prevent your finger from slipping side to side when pulling - it's subtle, but better than being smooth. Over all, it's hard to have an uncomfortable trigger pull on this gun. The 4 adjustable back straps also help all hands find the proper reach. Hope that helps!

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The confusion with Bersa seems to have arisen when both brands were being imported by Eagle Imports. Lazy people maintaining websites (particularly Bud's) inexplicably put the Grand Power under the Bersa brand because I guess it was too confusing for them to understand that an importer might be importing more than just one brand. "Oh. It's from Eagle Imports? I guess it's a Bersa then." It's not. Two totally unrelated companies, two totally unrelated products. The only thing these guns ever had in common was the people who opened up the crates from overseas and did paperwork. Like... Maybe they used the same crowbar to open the crates from both companies, but that's about as closely related as those two products get. (I own both, btw).

3 votes
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OK break down for the mental midgets.
Bersa = Argentina (arms manufacturer)
Grand Power = Slovakia (arms manufacturer)
Global Ordnance = Florida USA (import company)

Grand Power is not even on the same continent as the others.....geography anyone ?

4 votes
0 votes's imported by Global Ordnance, not Bersa. But it's still made by the same company: Grand Power.

What can we expect to be better from a new distributor if the product and source remain the same?

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0 votes

What needs to be better? The Excalibur is a phenomenal pistol with hardly a bad review to be found anywhere on the web and at this price, it's an absolute steal. I think they're still shipping with 3 mags as well.

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Is this rotary barrel lockup like Beretta (Cougar and others)?

How does this compare to the (Turkish) Canik TP9SFX? I don't see a red dot cut.

Are GP magazines compatible with any other guns? Canik uses Beretta 92 mags (which are easy to find thanks to the M9). I'm concerned about future imports (especially from Turkey).

Any aftermarket threaded barrels? Canik can fit Walther barrels (because they copied the Walther).

I'm looking for a Canik alternative that's not Turkish.

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It is a rotary barrel design similar to the Beretta's but slightly different designs.

I'm not aware of any other magazines working in Grand Power pistols.

I think they make excellent pistols, my P100 has been a great gun. One of the best things about mine is the trigger and the fit and finish, it's a very well designed gun.

They are a small company in Slovakia that has no relation to Bersa. They've had a difficult time making traction in the very competitive market but the product itself is very well made.

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Maybe you should call it a Bersa, that seems to have triggered a response.

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I actually like this pistol. Something different with nice features.

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Grand Power is one of the very best pistols out there....go look up some reviews gentlemen.
Bersa indeed...

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This gun is entirely too big for 15 Rd mags. Should've been 18 rds instead.

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$670 for a bersa?!?

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0 votes

Beresa nolonger imports Grand Power. It is now imported by Global Ordnance. It is not a Bersa, rather a Grand Power. Thank you for leaving your comments.

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Not a Bersa at all.

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