Product Specifications:
UPC: 8588005808033 Action: Semi-automatic
Barrel Length: 3.66" Capacity: 15Rd
Finish/Color: Black Frame/Material: Polymer
Caliber: 9MM Manufacturer: Grand Power
Part Number: GPP1 Model: P1
Safety: Ambidextrous Sights: Fixed Sights
Size: Compact Type: DA/SA
- Model: GPP1
- Shipping Weight: 2.9375lbs
- 0 Units in Stock
- 3 Units Available at Warehouse A
- Manufactured by: Grand Power
Product 574/1723

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Comments (3)

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Needs to be less than $400.

Before I even take a look at these, they need to come down in price significantly. $200 price hike over older models because the older models had a weakeness in frame? Yeah... I don't think so. Yes, the new ones have a decocker, but I don't want to pay $200 more for R&D on a fundemental feature of the older pistol. I have the fullsize older model. Great gun. Good ergonomics, and trigger is excellent. While I don't have any issues on mine, and most seem to be fine, even with the funky trigger guard take down procedure.

I would save the $200, buy the older model, ammo, shoot it, and you could still sell it for $300. Try re-selling yet another new polymer pistol for $500, not named Glock, Walther, HK, S&W, etc...

With the Walther PPQ being sold around $500, and HK VP9 at $550, you're better off with those choices, since they hold their resale value, and have so far proven to be at top of the polymer pistol scale in terms of reliability, accuracy, and triggers.

If HK can import their VP9 here with all their German heavy regulated laws, taxes, fees, for $550, then why does this pistol cost $500?

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hopfully the price will drop to the old level once they are out for awhile.. I love my p1 MK7.. and want a MK12.. but i can wait...

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Lets just hope that STI or Springfield doesn't pick them up again and instead of dropping, itll go up by $200/300

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