GORILLA MACHINING Precision Glock® Barrel are the perfect upgrade for your G19 sidearm. Enhance your stock pistol, or add it to an 80% build for increased accuracy and reliability. These Barrels are manufactured from 416R steel to have tighter tolerances than a factory slide, providing increased accuracy and reliability you can count on.
These Barrels are ready to function out of the box. Available for G19 Gen 1,2,3,4

GLOCK™ 19 Barrel
1/16 TWIST
Material is Italian Steel
Made in the USA by men who shoot, understand and appreciate firearms
Will handle lead, jacketed or plated ammunition
Mirror polished improved feed ramp insures reliability
Mirror polished chamber and bore increases velocities and improves accuracy
Precision machined from heat treated, certified, stress-relieved 416R stainless steel
Fully supported, polished chamber is reload friendly
Tighter fit than factory spec dimensions
Match Grade broach cut rifling
Fits Glocks Gen 1-4

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Login or register to post comments, I'm a machinist. Took this barrel to work and did an inspection on it with a CMM and an optical comparator. I cant see through the nitride finish, but this is dimensionally very accurately made! If it wasn't, I'd be bitching at them fast! Fits in the slide beautifully! Haven't shot it yet, but I'm sure it will be fine. I did speak to there customer service over an item that was accidentally sent to me by them. I sent it back with a shipping label from them. Wow, there service is great! Very quick to ship your order, totally fixed the other guys order too. I will buy more from them! For those of you that are not machinists, I'll say this. They have some VERY expensive VERY high end machines! They claim .0005" accuracy (that is not an easy thing to do!) And they really do hold that. The mills and lathes they have are more than capable. A smart, expensive to pay, skilled machinist is making these parts. I know good machining, and every one knows bad machining! For there prices, I'm surprised they are not overwhelmed with work...

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Good machining? Okay. Still ripped people off by not sending the things they ordered.

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How is a mistake a rip off? They fixed it fast. Not even a huge inconvenience. My order never got delayed.

Did you have a bad experience with them?

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Yeah I ordered an upper and a bcg and never got it. Just like the hundreds of other people. When did they fix it?

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$7.50 Shipping

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have a good merry christmas and thanks again for stopping by

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