Incredibly fast target acquisition with the parallax free design. Incredibly easy to sight-in. The red dot sight could hold zero well
Illuminated Red & Green Dot Sight has different levels of brightness of each color, which are easily controlled
Sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture or dust from getting inside and nitrogen purged to prevent fogging inside the glass optic. Reflection proof lens coating to effectively shoot in the sun
The small but adaptable optics are perfect for a wide range of daytime applications including hunting, tactical scenarios and precision shooting. Ideal for close-range and general shooting
With scope mount, the dot sight can be quickly and easily installed on the rifle with 20mm rail. Locking screw for Elevation and Windage adjustment

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Expiration date 2020-May-26 Report

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Cheap Chinese knock off looking to steal money from American manufacturers.

Why are knock offs allowed to be sold here?

Weird that the "Murica first" outdoor sports crowd instantly forgets about America being first when it comes to saving a few bucks on Chinese knock offs.

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