Glock full auto drop-in auto sears 80% complete legal to own. - $85

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Note: Before finishing and installing these parts you must be a SOT and file a form 2. All BATFE rules ally.

80% complete drop-in auto sear for all models of Glock. Legal to purchase.

The part does not require registration nor is it considered a restricted item because of it's non-completion.

Kit comes with the proper paperwork and instructions to finish. Item ships USPS priority mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.
Charles Gossett

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If they are selling it as a

If they are selling it as a "paper weight" the price should be much less. It seems to me if someone completes and does something illegal, these guys will be culpable. It would be pretty hard for them to get by saying something along the lines of, we thought they would complete the legal paperwork first and it was technically legal for us to sell these. This ad is retarded, if the people buying are going to do legal paperwork they would not purchase from a fly by night company like this one. They are selling knowing full well people will use these to make illegal automatic firearms. Just give it time and someone will die and this company will be sued shutdown and some people will get jail time.

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You an idiot , hide behind

You an idiot , hide behind anonymous ,

This is chief Kessler, and what part of shall not be infringed don't you understand ? No pro. 2a would every question this type of listing, you're a liberal troll! FREEDOM

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Lol chief way to jump

Lol chief way to jump straight to name calling just to promote your site. He may be anonymous but he wrote a very thought out comment full of great points unlike you. It appears you would like to infringe on his first amendment implying he is questioning our 2nd when he clearly is not. I liked the idea and concept of the item being sold but it is just a temptation to break the law and hope I don't get caught. 99% of people on here could not legally complete these and those who can don't need this site to find these types of items, which means the rest would be purchasing with the intent to break the law. Go start your militia and quit bitching at people just for attention.

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I'm really surprised you

I'm really surprised you allow these kinds of posts when the descriptions are so incomplete and misleading. Seems like there's a potential civil liability issue here for Slickguns if someone buys one of these and claims the "report a problem" function I'm using right now implies some sort of internal vetting process conducted by

The description reads "The part does not require registration nor is it considered a restricted item because of it's non-completion." While that's technically correct, the moment the Glock owner completes it, they have constructive intent to own and operate a regulated automatic weapon that requires a BATF stamp *prior* to ownership.

That may seem obvious to you and me, but to an unsophisicated buyer (and let's be blunt: there are lots of unsophisticated buyers on the internet), they may go into this transaction with the misconception that because they are buying an unfinished part, they do not require a BATF stamp prior to completion, or worse, don't need one at all. **And the source of that misconception could be the item description here on**

I'm not trying to be difficult, a whinner or pedantic; I'd just hate for to take any kind of heat because the poster is being coy about how he describes the legal implications of this product here on your website. Maybe add a check box to the form users use to post a deal that asks if the item is an weapon capable of fully automatic fire, or facilitates conversion of a weapon to automatic fire. It wouldn't be a perfect solution and wouldn't catch everything, but it would allow you to flag some of these for closer scrutiny before allowing them to go "live".

Either that or run a text search algorithm that looks for key words and phrases like automatic, unrestricted, select fire and the such.

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Thanks for the concerns and

Thanks for the concerns and suggestions. I would like to ask You and all our visitors that in cases like this, instead of using a submit a problem, leave a comment and notify our visitors right away about a possible issue. Usually it takes us couple hours to process the report problem submission and that might be to late for some postings.

Moderator Approval is not an option for deal posts, just users. Most of the best deals expire within hours of posting, and we would hate for you to miss a good deal just because we did not react fast enough to approve those posts. Thanks again. Mark.

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An "NFA" tag would work, I

An "NFA" tag would work, I think, with maybe a skull and crossbones icon or something similar to be displayed with items that had that box checked (like the Californian flag for CA legal items).

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

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