These photos represent the overall condition of these Glock 22 Gen3 police trades, which are in good condition. Each pistol comes with two 15-round magazines.

Price is for one Glock 22 Gen3 pistol. As with many used and police trade-in firearms, these may contain light scratches and/or holster wear. This is not always the case, but should not be unexpected.

Firearm Features

Model 22 (Gen3)
Caliber: .40
Capacity: 15 Rounds
Magazines: Comes with 2
Barrel Length: 4.49 in.

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First of all. This website is a search engine. They aren't the seller. If you want to negotiate, click the link and contact the seller. SOME but not all sellers will negotiate a little on guns. 2nd. This deal is mediocre. You can get 4th gen G22's for this price

Kings Firearms has them for $299

Yes for $300 I would buy 2!!!!

Open to negotiation? How about $300?

I haven't bought this particular deal, but I have had only good experiences with other SOS police trade-ins. The pistols tend to exceed their stated grade.

I haven't bought this particular deal, but I have had only good experiences with other SOS police trade-ins. The pistols tend to exceed their stated grade.

Is it $350 for the three of them and are you in dallas texas

No. Just 1. And they are in MN.

Does the gun come with any clips or accessories

Eh if u had some sig Sauer I would bite

how does this purchase work?

Not really sure what you're asking. Same as any other online gun purchase.

No clips?

What the fuck is a clip?

I've had my 22 (purchased from SOS) for 2 years and I'm still impressed with the value. Just completed my second GSSF match in the past four weeks, the gun runs and runs and runs. Been running a 9mm Storm Lake barrel in it as well without issues. I'm a reloader and 95%of the rounds have been my reloads. SOS is an outstanding company to do business with. Check Six and FRONT SIGHT!

How does this all work? As far as the purchase. Is there any criteria to purchase?

People overlook these great opportunities to pick up a high quality firearm at a very good price. Holster wear is nothing to be concerned about and is actually a preference for me because, like the kid at school with new shoes who gets easily noticed, that perfect finish says you don't really shoot much and probably suck when you do.

Being a retired police officer I know that the visible wear comes more from drawing and not firing the gun than actually shooting the gun. We qualify at the range when required, and gun sluts like myself shoot more often, but cops never shoot their sidearm unless ordered to go to the range or when required to prevent serious injury or death.

That price for all of this?!

I'm a sucker for these police trade-ins. Always got a gun that was equal to or better than advertised from this seller.

These 40 cal Glocks are one of the best values in handguns right now. For $310-350+ transfer fee you can get a quality 22, 23, or 27 that far outperforms any of the new guns in that price range. Inexpensive magazines and many of these come with night sights. Pick up an extra recoil spring for $8 and swap that out incase the original is worn.

I prefer the 9mm Glocks, but my Glock 23 goes with me daily as I can't find a 19 anywhere near as cheap

Now shows 349.99.....

Got my used leo trade in glock a couple of days ago. I cleaned it real good with a white t-shirt and noticed some african american blood on it. I asked for a return, but was denied like an african americans bail. I will never purchase a used gun again.


Oh boy. Here we go.

Great guns, Once you go Glock you will never go Bock...

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