Glock 19 Gen 4 9MM - $515

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The Glock 19 is a Double Action Only 9mm with Fixed Sights. Other qualities include the very shootable "Safe Action" trigger, cold hammer forged barrel, lightweight polymer frame and an accessory rail for mounting tactical illuminators and laser aimers. The Gen4 model now has multiple back straps allowing for easy adjustment to multiple hand sizes, it is a Rough Textured Frame

9mm Caliber & safe action trigger
Gen 4
15 + 1 Capacity
22.09 oz empty
5.5lb trigger pull
Instock now and ready to ship.

Includes- 15 round mags, cleaning kit, chamber lock, Glock case.

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
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here is a better deal, $504 &

Considering the shortage of

Considering the shortage of 19's in general it is nice to see some around, but get real guys no real deals exist on gen4 glocks right now.

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SO....the gun gets listed at

SO....the gun gets listed at $555 shipped (and probably at 5 stars by RRC). When they get called out on posting another crap deal, they sneak in a lower price to shut most folks up (sounds like they are trying to abuse the sight and post regular priced stuff on here and sucker people into thinking it is a "slick deal" just because they put in on this sight.).

THEN....they get called out on 2 mags rather than the standard 3, and that somehow changes too once they get called out on it?

RRC sounds like they are learning lessons on how to manipulate this sight from Real Deal Guns!

This is a PRIME example of why retailers should not be allowed to post "deals" here. It is obvious this sight was intended to work like, but it's turned into something more like Craigslist - overpriced "deals" with plenty of room for "negotiation".

I don't even use this sight for deals anymore. I just look at the pretty pictures, then search for a better deal if I see something that catches my attention.

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I didn't even notice this

I didn't even notice this WASN'T posted by Real Deal Guns until you mentioned it! Guess I'll have to pay better attention in the future.

EDIT: Also, the listing says it's CA-okay but I didn't see an option for 10rd mags listed and 15rd mags definitely aren't legal in the People's Republic. Maybe the mags come disassembled or something?

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How is $555 ($25 shipping)

How is $555 ($25 shipping) shipped a good deal for this? FFS, Grabagun has 'em for $549 shipped.

Another failure of the "Google first before posting" test.

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good call buddy.i just assume

good call buddy.i just assume they r showing bad deals

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its on sale for $515 so $540

its on sale for $515 so $540 shipped

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Oh, how nice of them... a

Oh, how nice of them... a whole $9 cheaper. One teensy tiny problem - the Gen 4 comes default with THREE magazines, not TWO.

That's right - these folks are chiseling their suckers - I mean buyers - out of a Gen 4 magazine (worth what, $20 conservatively?) and offering them a "savings" of just a few bucks.

What a joke.

Anybody reading this down the line - they might change their offering but the fact they'd even try to screw their customers like this in the first place shows they don't deserve your money.

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No one is screwing anyone

No one is screwing anyone here, we ship the gun with what it comes with, if it comes with 3 mags then that is what I will ship it with.

We do not try to screw our customers, matter of fact we do the opposite and always go out of our way to support our customers and provide the best customer service around, it you don't believe me that do a search for reviews of our company. If you have a question about what we sell or if it comes with something that ask us and we will tell straight up.

lol Qaeda- not sure who you are but if we have don't something to offend you I would like the opportunity to resolve this rather than having you paid mouth us on this site when we are just trying to offer a good deal on a great gun...

RRC Firearms

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I'm going to assume you meant

I'm going to assume you meant "bad mouth" instead of "paid mouth" because I'm certainly not getting paid to post on this site. (Wish I were, though!)

That said, if you received the gun without the three mags then I apologize for my remarks; I certainly don't mean to impute some negative intent on your part - or anybody else's - when there isn't any. (I'd edit my earlier comments but apparently I'm unable to at the moment.)

The Gen 4 Glock is supposed to come from the factory with three magazines, though, so you might want to ask your distributors why you're getting shorted:
Numerous dealer websites listing three magazines as default

Again, my apologies for attributing ill will where none is present.

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Sorry that should have been

Sorry that should have been bad mount, not paid...

The 2 mags that I listed on our site was my mistake and it is 3 mags not 2, as another person posted the picture shows the 3 mags. One is just in the gun. Sorry for the confusion in my post not trying to lead anyone astray.



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there's 3 in the picture, 2

there's 3 in the picture, 2 loose, one in the gun.

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Gen 4 Glocks are not

Gen 4 Glocks are not available in California. They are not on the DOJ approved handgun list.

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