These high quality Turkish made pistols are part of the Tisas, Zigana, Girsan, family of firearms. They are renowned for providing high quality at a very competitive price point. We have carried many of these in the past and they were very popular and had started building a tremendous following. And then, they lost their U.S. importer. Well now they are back in country and we are once again proud to offer them.

This is the Girsan MC Full Size in 9mm. It is the official sidearm of both the Turkish Police and Armed Forces. This pistol is a very high quality steel pistol, modeled after the Beretta 92. - Girsan Regard MC - Black

These pistols have a one year full manufacturer’s warranty and 10 years of parts availability through the importer in Afton Va.

Caliber – 9×19 mm
OA Length – 8.54 inches
Barrel Length – 4.92 inches
Weight (Empty) – 1.94 pounds
Height – 5.4 inches
Operation – double action/single action, short recoil
Sights – dove tailed (adjustable sight optional)
Capacity – 15 +1
Barrel – cold forged
Colors – black
Includes – cleaning rods, hard case, (3) 15-round magazines

Girsan Regard MC

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For $64 more feel free to pick-up an actual Beretta 92

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Agreed. I got the Chiappa m9 for 300 at this price might as well go with beretta.

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are girsan and chiappa the same company? just pay $500 and get the real beretta from arms unlimited

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