Girsan 1911 .45 ACP 5" barrel 8 Rnds Hard Chrome - $443 (Free S/H on Firearms)

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It is very hard to find affordability and high quality in the same firearm when it comes to 1911 pistols. However, there is now a series of 1911's available from Girsan company that finally make this a reality for US buyers.
Precision crafted Girsan pistols definitely raise the bar on quality while maintaining an affordable price.
Girsan 1911 pistols include CNC machined bar stock slides, steel frames and cold forged barrels. Precision fit and finish, Turkish Walnut grips and many other features which you only find in 1911's at 2 or even 3 times the price !
Girsan's factory is located in Turkey, and they are a supplier to the Turkish Military including Land, Coast Guard, Special Security and Air forces and also exports worldwide. Their manufacturing facility is modernized with CNC machining and world class quality control systems accordingly to ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP quality standards.
High pressure shooting test, Speed Test, Dispersal Shooting Test, Hot Weather Test, Cold Weather Test, Endurance, Salt, After Endurance and Drop Safety Tests accordingly to NATO and Turkish Ministry of Defense’s technical specifications
Short Recoil Operation System
Single Action Trigger
Hard Chrome Finish
Skeleton hammer & trigger. Extended beavertail & safety
Dovetailed Novak Style Sights. Black Front, Black Rear
2.40 Lbs.
8 Round Magazine Capacity
Cold Forged 5" Barrel
Operating Temperature Range of Negative 40 to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45 ACP
Brand: Girsan
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I own this gun and I bought

I own this gun and I bought it from buds. I was able to catch it on sale about a year ago for 399.00. This is a good gun. It works very well looks good and shoots great. It is a reliable 1911. It is well worth the money.

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Contemplating my first 1911

Contemplating my first 1911 do you own an ria to compare it to? Im thinking tactical model or maybe the gi since its at alow of 320 but this comes in to play also i like the looks and price-spec point

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I did purchase the Girsan

I did purchase the Girsan MC1911 which is the Black version about 1 month ago.

POSITIVE: Several reasons were the

(1.) Weight of the MC1911 as compared to my Colt 1911 Government Model which was about the same maybe just a bit more.

(2.) The Beaver tail is identical to my Colt and I really do not like the large beaver tails.

(3.) The Front Sight is a Dove Tailed and yes I did change it out to a Hi Viz sight was one of the most important reason!!,
After this was done for about $50 installed by a gun smith in less than 15 minutes worth every penny. As the accuracy using
the Hi Viz with the "green insert" was increased 100% with no adjustment to my shooting low or high.

(4.) The Grips and Screws as reported below do not fit "Any of ALL MY COLT GRIPS" with out modification.

(5.) The Cold Steel Forged process after reading allows the steel not to expand as much as High Carbon Steel. But I have not any
issues with my 1950 Colt 1911 Government Model. Since Girsan has been awarded Top Clearance with their Government
to produce arms making my choice on this also.

(6.) Purchased from Buds and Used Credit Card worth the added protection and Buds Shipped Fast, but really what is a rush
to get a firearm.


(1.) No Warranty Comes with Gun!

(2.) I had to call Buds and then a Sales Person sent me one via email. The warranty is only for 1 Year and must be shipped
back to Buds.

2. a. This has always been a complaint of mine because the Gun Sellers are not up Front in their Descriptions of Warranties.

(3.) There has been NO SUPPORT FROM GIRSAN as I have sent many emails to GIRSAN WITH NOT ONE REPLY.

(4.) Finally Contacting Buds in Emails and being Stonewalled in their responses about Girsan Support. I finally received a

So the Bottom Line is I am very happy with my Girsan MC 1911 for the price, shoots VERY accurate, would I carry it as a concealed weapon NOPE but do keep it along with my COLT real handy in the House and (Car while traveling).

Let me Know if this article helps and or if I need to Edit.

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What failed for you to be so

What failed for you to be so diligent about warranty issues within your first year of owning/shooting this gun?

Thanks for all of your info.

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To the user:

To the user: "HumblePie".

Many thanks for your in depth review & recommendation on the Girsan 1911. Please don't take this is as sarcasm, but honestly, I would love to read reviews like this on the usual gun magazines I subscribe to.


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I purchased this gun on Feb

I purchased this gun on Feb 8. Didn't receive it until Feb 15 as I did the cash option. Which if you order online means a bank transfer. Buds will wait the entire week, even if the transfer goes through the first day, before processing the order if you do this cash option. Otherwise you are going to pay more for the credit card option. With shipping the cost was $505 for the firearm. I ended up paying another $20 for the transfer.

Since I've purchased this gun I've put over 2000 rounds through it. Here is my review.

First off, I will say the gun is great, but not perfect. The original shipping of these Gen 2 guns came with an extra high GI style front "blade" sight. Which if you line up the sight picture you'll be shooting 6 inches too low. I've heard on numerous places that since the end of March this has been fixed. The currently shipping guns have correct front sights that are lower.

The grips are a heavily lacquered dark brown wood. They look like cheap plastic because of the lacquer. You can either strip it and refinish the grips the way you like or replace them. Standard government model 1911 grips fit just fine. If you want to change the grip screws out, you'll run into problems. The bushings are not standard size. They are much smaller so the screws used for the grip panels are thinner in diameter. So if you want to change to custom grip screws you'll have to change out the bushings. Which means re-tapping the grip frame for threads that are a bit wider. Not a big deal, but it is extra work if you want custom grip screws. Or if you want slimmer grips. Slimmer grips require low-profile bushings.

I personally went with the Striker polymer golf ball stippling grips from Brownells.

These look great, feel great, and are cheap at $14 or so.

The next little problem with the gun is that it isn't dehorned. Meaning there are non rounded corners on it. For the most part this isn't a big deal, but the safety switch on the frame has an annoying point. If you have thick hands like me with a big webbing of skin between your thumb and fore finger, you'll be pinched/poked by this point every time you actuate the safety switch. It is easy enough to bevel down or just buy a new one. Although a new one is going to cost about $20-$60 and isn't really worth the price.

I also ended up replacing the front sight on my own. Since I didn't get the latest front sight when I ordered, although I was told they would replace it if I sent mine back in, I replace the sight on my own. I wanted a fiber optic one and decided upon a HiViz. The HiViz 1911 springfield cut works perfect.

I bought it off Amazon for $30. A bit more than I wanted, but it works great. The front sight is only held in place with friction. Take a wooden dowel to punch out the old sight. Then punch in the new one. It fixed the problem of shooting 6 inches low and the new sight looks great.

The fit and finish of this gun is excellent. It does have some MIM (metal injection molded) pieces internally. These are the barrel link, the hammer strut, the sear spring, the extractor, and the sear disconnect. This is not a big deal for any of the parts except the sear spring. I have found the gun uses a really beefy main housing spring. This puts a ton of tension on the hammer strut and makes the hammer hit really hard when pulling the trigger. It also makes it a bit tougher to rack the slide. The real problem from their extra stiff main housing spring is with the assembly of the gun. My sear spring got bent when someone assembled my gun. It still functions, but I could tell the original person fitting the parts together didn't get the hammer strut in the plunger hole of the main spring right when fitting the gun originally. Which bent the sear spring too much into the magazine housing.

This means when I got my gun the spring was pushing too hard on the magazines and the magazines would not drop free. It also made me have problems with jams, feeding, and extracting rounds with any magazine but the factory ACT magazine. I bought promag, nighthawk, wilson combat, chip mccormick, and kimber mags. They all had failure, but the ACT mag ran flawless. This was despite not dropping free. It was a simple matter to replace the sear spring on my own. I picked up this Wolf sear spring for $6 from brownells.

Dropped right in and worked great from the start. I made sure I fitted the main housing spring with the hammer strut right so as not to have the strut come out of the plunger hole and bend the sear spring. As such every magazine drops freely now. Almost all the magazines work perfect except the promag and the kimber. But those are magazine related issues. The promag follower is plastic and the "shelf" of the follower that is suppose to catch and push up on the slide stop doesn't flare out properly. This magazine has this problem with most 1911's I have found. As such, since the magazine follower is too narrow for the slide stop, it doesn't lock the slide back ever. It feeds and ejects just fine on any round. So it is still usable. The kimber magazine also doesn't work. The problem is the shelf on the follower flares out too far. Which makes it screw up on the last round somehow of failing to eject. The other magazines run flawless though with both ball and JHP ammo.

In the future I might switch the mainspring housing with one that has a magwell chute. More of an optional upgrade than anything else. I also might change out the trigger for one with an over travel screw.

For the price you aren't going to find a gun nearly this nice. It takes "drop in" upgrades very well if that is your thing like me. For the price, I highly recommend this gun if you are at all interested. I am thinking of getting a "blue" version as well and working on that one too.

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I'd like to get my hands on

I'd like to get my hands on one to check out. However, Hard chrome is a bad choice for a firearm finish, too reflective, prone to chipping and shows fingerprints like a mirror. they should have went with nickel which has a massive history of proving itself as the superior finish for ferrous steels, as it doesn't chip, and as such is superior in protection and is less reflective, and is capable of providing a matte finish on the sighting plane as well, there by supplying a more useful firearm due to less reflection in the shooters eyes...

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People knock these Turkish

People knock these Turkish pistols, but looking at the facilities and equipment at the Tisas factory in Turkey, I can tell you that their factories are just as well-equipped, and often in better condition than some of the US steel manufacturing factories I've worked in and toured in person. From what I can see, I don't have any real negative thoughts on them.

Here's a virtual tour of the Tisas factory in Turkey.

You get a well-made pistol for a fraction of the cost of something American made. The only thing I might have some concerns with would be the alloys used in the steel, so it might be a lower-quality steel. However, modern alloys are generally going to be stronger than the steel from decades past, and I don't believe the safety of these pistols is going to be compromised by a lower grade of alloy.

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I watched that video and i

I watched that video and i have to say the guns they showed have the longest most ridiculous looking trigger pulls ive ever seen !! Besides that the equipment and QC was pretty impressive...

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Actually most of the foreign

Actually most of the foreign steels are far superior to what they used to be, as they generally are recycled American steel. The fact that they are recycled alone increases purity and carbon content, creating higher quality, stronger metals. Remember your first car? that Foreign made firearm just might be made out of it's engine block...
Japan has been buying up as many old cars and trucks and all the scrap steel they can from us to build their cars and to sell steel on the world market. Something our steel industry never thought of doing because it was too closely tied to the auto industry and refused to change it's ways.

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Yeah. Maybe you are the only

Yeah. Maybe you are the only one who thinks it looks like a toy. I sure wouldn't want to be the one standing on the wrong end of this weapon.

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Am I the only one that thinks

Am I the only one that thinks that this 1911 looks like a toy?

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Do you buy a car by the look

Do you buy a car by the look of a single picture?

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It does look a bit "cheap" in

It does look a bit "cheap" in this picture, but I can assure you they don't look like a toy. Do a google search or look at it on youtube.

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Yes, you are the only one.

Yes, you are the only one. Sorry Charlie

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

LOL, why don't you ask the

LOL, why don't you ask the cop or bank teller you point it at?

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