GForce Arms® GF25 12-ga. Semi-automatic AR-style Shotgun The GF25 is an AR-style Shotgun that blends the familiar controls and ergonomics of the AR-15 rifle with 12-gauge muscle to create the ultimate tactical and home-defense weapon. It comes equipped with a 20" barrel that can handle everything from buckshot to slugs, as well as a rugged polymer stock with adjustable cheek rest, and flip-up front and rear sights. The top-side Picatinny rail allows you to quickly and easily mount a red dot. For versatility, the GF25 accepts MKA1919-style mags and drums. Note: Requires 1,300 FPS or faster loads for proper operation. Polymer stock with adjustable cheek rest Flip-up iron sights Top Picatinny rail allows you to mount a red dot Rubberized pistol grip Free-floating aluminum handguard Accepts MKA1919-style mags and drums Includes (2) 5-rd. magazines and (3) chokes: CYL, MOD, FULL (accepts Mobil Benelli® chokes) Order today!
Item#: 733760
MPN#: GF251220
UPC#: 643477862872

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What is the difference between the GForce Arms GF25 and the Citadel Boss-25? They look identical. Thanks

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Because they are all made in the same factory out of a lot of the same parts. Stay away.

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I purchased this and so far I like it enough to buy some more mags for it. I went to the range and put 75 rounds down range as fast as I could. I had not failures and it seems reliable. I did put a foam butt pad on it to make it less of a kicker. Also I recommend a good sling with steel hardware. It is not light.for the price I would buy this again.

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Thanks for the input. I was wondering about these. I just wish SG would show us a little more respect when it comes to advertising their "shipped" price. I'll start looking for one somewhere else. Thanks again.

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