$10 Off $50 Purchase of Select Kershaw Products @ Amazon

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$10 Off $50 Purchase of Select Kershaw Folding Knives. Applies only to products sold by Amazon.com; does not apply to items sold by other merchants on the Amazon.com website. Limited time offer.

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Brand: Kershaw
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Gimmick: only works for

Gimmick: only works for knives sold by Amazon which are priced higher than other vendors. For example the model 6044 is priced nearly $5 more by Amazon direct than as sold by knife country USA on Amazon. (and I would need two knives to reach $50) Thanks for nothing!

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Made me look too. Some of the

Made me look too.

Some of the knives sold by Amazon and shipped via Prime and picked from the list they provided, aren't included in this promotion.

Guess it is pretty "Select" if the ones that are on the list and fit the criteria... don't offer the discount.

Used this last year on a few and this year it's...


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S30V Kershaw Blur for $54

S30V Kershaw Blur for $54 shipped! Can't beat that with a stick! This deal is a hard one to pass up. I may even have to grab a few more at these prices!

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The kershaw piston 1860 works

The kershaw piston 1860 works out perfectly! ! 51.90 minus the 10 applies at checkout last step automatically. Cant beat that for a tad over 41 free shipping as well :) After doing some homework and reading other helpful comments this looks like an excellent choice. One very worthwhile review here for one of their many products to help fellow deal seekers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSoQJWcKYbk&feature=youtube_gdata_player Thank you poster for this one. Get it while ya can!

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My Kershaw Blur 1670 blkts is

My Kershaw Blur 1670 blkts is made in the USA. this is my every day carry and I LOVE IT. it looks great, good balance and the speedsafe feature makes flipping open with one hand a breeze. Also and it comes with a belt clip that allows you to adjust the knife to "blade up" or "blade down" . To me that feature is very important, because i like to go blade down and flip open as i draw. The rubberized texture grip also helps with gripping the knife and keeps it from slipping out. This is a knife i don't baby and it gets used every single day. I just recently took it apart, cleaned it up and relubricated with some silicon grease and wow, good as new. $50 bucks is an awesome deal and you shouldn't let this one slip by!

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Good Chance For A Great

Good Chance For A Great Knife!
I can personally vouch for the Volt ll as well as the Chill.
Great knives!
I ordered two Chills and a Volt ll last month when they ran this deal and best deal I've got this year.
I love them both. The Volt ll is beefy enough to be a very comfortable everyday carry and the wife loves her new Chill.
The Volt ll has a substantial feeling in the hand without being too bulky for pocket carry. The "speed-safe" open is fantastic! Really easy and fast with a very solid lock-in. Mine came with the blade aligned perfectly. I had to improve on the factory edge but I demand "scary sharp"so you might be happy with the fair factory edge. The pocket clip is not everyone's favorite but I love the way it easily slides into my jeans pockets with very little to show, and I think it looks cool. Clip seems tight at first but don't stretch it! You will learn how to use it quickly. I compared mine to a friend's Smith and Wesson and it was in another league all together which most would expect but some might not realize this. Puts on a great edge easily which takes wear better than I would have expected.
I really LOVE this knife! And I'm not always worried so much about it as more expensive knives,which makes it a joy to use.
The "Chill" doesn't have the speed-safe auto flip open but it's so smooth and light that a flick of the wrist is simple and clean. It's just a great knife without hardly any weight, and a nice slim but strong design. You will not be disappointed with either of these knives, if you match the purchase with your intended use. They are both high quality.
2 Chills and one Volt ll cost me a mere $44.50. Won't beat that.
I think the "Burst" and the "OSO Sweet" are a bit bulkier and maybe heavier from what others say but I don't own those. They were my next picks though unless you want to put it all into a single USA made knife like the "Leek" or maybe the "Scallion".
Hope this helps someone.
ps. make sure your order is coming from Amazon and not a different dealer in order to get the discount.

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What an awesome deal!!!

What an awesome deal!!! bought two, $20 delivered each with $10 off, cant beat it for a kershaw, even if made in China

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