Genuine HK UMP .40 S&W Cal Kit - Pick Your Trigger Pack

Genuine De-Milled HK UMP .40 S&W Used - Good to Very Good Quality Parts Kit. Police trade-in all HK UMP .40 cal parts kit. Perfect For Those That Are Doing A Custom Build Or Caliber Conversion. Also Great For Spare Parts. De-Milled to ATF Specs and Saw Cut. Center Serial Number Removed From Trunnion. Great for Use With One Of The Many Great Receivers Like An Omega Gideon Shadow UMP Clone or A Tommy Built Pistol Or SBR.

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- Delta Team Tactical

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Lmao this kit is $1400 without the receiver when you can buy a fully assembled one from Atlantic for $1600 hmm wonder which one I will spend my money on

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Thanks for your feedback.

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