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Style: Non-Adjustable, Semi-Auto
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The Super Dynamic (SD)triggers have the same body geometry as the SSA models and feature a flat trigger shoe that reduces perceived pull weight, improves control, and gives excellent tactile feedback. Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) trigger has a 2.5 lb. first stage and a 2 lb. second stage for a 4.5 lb total pull weight with a sharp, repeatable trigger release. Super Dynamic Enhanced (SD-E) trigger has a combined 3.5 lb. total pull weight, with a 2.3 lb. first stage and a 1.2 lb. second stage. Super Dynamic 3-Gun (SD-3G) single-stage trigger has 3.5 lb. pull weight with a short pull length and short reset - excellent for fast-action competitions.
AR-15, Issue:11, Page:028
Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:027
SPECS: Steel, black finish. Fits semi-automatic AR-15/M16 receivers with .154" diameter hammer and trigger pin holes. May be installed in AR-style .308 rifles that accept AR-15 triggers. Does not fit HK416 weapons with firing pin safety. Kit includes trigger andhammer assemblies, springs, hammer pin, tube of grease, and illustrated instructions.
SKU#: 100007544

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Picked one up over at Optics Planet for 175$ shipped a week or so ago. Don't know if the deal is still up.

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