GDT AR15 Front and Rear 45 Degree Rapid Transition BUIS Backup Iron Sight - $9.99 shipped*

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For AR-15 / M16 type rifles, optical sights provide superior performance at longer ranges, but iron sights can be more effective for close-range engagements. However, attaching an optical sight either prevents the use of iron sights or results in a setup that produces a front sight "shadow" on the optical image, and/or results in problematic transitions from optical to backup iron sights. Not anymore. Rapid Transition Sights (RTS) provide shooters with the quickest possible transition between longer- and closer-range target acquisition, greatly increasing their efficiency and effectiveness in battle and competition. These sights mount directly to a weapon's Picatinny rail, offset from center by approximately 45°. This unique offset position makes transitioning from optical to iron sights simply a matter of quickly canting the weapon with your wrists and locking on to the target. There's no removing a hand from the weapon or making a manual adjustment, and no cluttered field of vision or iron sights blocking the optical sight. Just smooth, quick transitions that could mean the difference between winning or losing a competition, or more importantly - a gunfight. Weight: Rear sight - 3 ounces (85g) / Front sight - 1.5 ounces (44g)
Product Features:
Machined from lightweight, extremely durable 7075 aluminum, Mil-Spec hard anodized
Same height above bore as standard-issue M4 / M16A4 sights
½ MOA elevation and windage adjustments
Ambidextrous sights easily and securely mount to Picatinny rails using a flathead screwdriver
Low-profile sights extend only .2" above top rail, don't interfere with primary optics or military IR illuminator /laser sight


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Caliber: Optics & Sights
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Whelp, for $24.49..can't be

Whelp, for $24.49..can't be the stupidest $25 shipped I ever spent for sumthin... Not ready to dive in for $150 worth of backup sights yet.

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That's about $10 more than I

That's about $10 more than I paid for the set on my one rifle. They've held zero through a few 3-Gun matches, under full auto fire, and about 1,300 rounds so far. No complaints! The only problem I had was that the rear sight drum adjustment was almost impossible to move when I got mine but some good grease and working it around a few times made it virtually indistinguishable from my Colt carry handle sight.

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Would these work on a low

Would these work on a low profile gas block or will i need a riser, if so which riser would work on a dpms low profile

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These are 45 degree sights.

These are 45 degree sights. You they hang off the side of your gun. Most people run this style when they run a scope, so you can use this for close up. Google 45 degree sights if you dont know what these are before you buy them.

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Wondering that myself.

Wondering that myself. Looking at the DPMS oracle for 599.99 shipped and wonder if the gas block is too low for these to work

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Apparently it will say low

Apparently it will say low profile sight if it will work as i was told at my shooting range today, i picked up a utg low profile sight and used my magpul rear sight and was almost sighted in perfect at 50 without any adjusting, also it was on 308 dpms and for the price i would recomend it as a range sight

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While these may be a

While these may be a knock-off of Dueck Defense's patented 45 degree offset sights, and not of the same quality (which they aren't, and not all 45 degree sights are made by the same manufacturer), they are well worth the savings. Even if the first pair ordered turns out to be defective (i.e. can't zero or doesn't hold zero), you can purchase around a half dozen sets of these before you would pay what a single set of Dueck's would cost (currently $240 at Brownells). I've purchased 2 pairs of these, and both have functioned flawlessly on multiple caliber rifles. Just remember, these are back-up sights. They aren't precision sights by any means, but they will keep you on steel at anywhere from 10 yards out to 100 yards with no problem.

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Question! Any thoughts on

Question! Any thoughts on replacing the sight posts with a fluorescent (fiber) post? I've seen them out there for other iron sights.

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Just an FYI you can get these

Just an FYI you can get these cheaper on ebay. I ordered mine for $28 shipped off of ebay, I'm pretty sure all these knock off 45 degree sites are the same, likely the same manufacturer makes them all. I've yet to try them but the over all quality of the ones I got are actually pretty good for what they are.

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I just received these

I just received these yesterday. I wouldn't pay more than the $35 I paid for these. Rear sight is adjusted all the way to the right and I still can't get it to line up perfect, its between Mid and side post on the front sight.It won't adjust any farther. I'd save the $ for a decent set. These will be going up on Craigslist when I buy a good pair. Screws are crappy flathead slotted aluminum bolts. I had to trim the front screw down as the machinist apparently didn't tap the threads into the front sights aluminum block far enough. My bolt bottomed out before fully tightening the sight. You get what you pay for.

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Thanks for the update. Will

Thanks for the update. Will hold off for something better.

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Picked a set of these up.

Picked a set of these up. They may be knock offs but they will do the trick. No rough edges, adjustments are all solid and have a good positive lock on each click. No wiggle.

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According to the picture,

According to the picture, this particular deal is a counterfeit sold by Venom Tactical..

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