Garaysar's mission is to manufacture the highest quality American firearms and offer them at a fair price.

At Garaysar, precision is their tradition — a heritage that allows the sports enthusiast and warrior alike to know that when they pick up a Garaysar firearm, they are picking up reliability. That same “Unfailing Precision” speaks to the dedication to quality throughout the manufacturing process at Garaysar.

Garaysar’s technology provides the right type of solutions for every mission. They use state-of-the-art machining processes to hold all of the parts they manufacture to exacting tolerances that exceed military standards. Ensuring the best possible fit for every function leads to a smoother, more reliable, and more accurate weapon.

The Garaysar team consists of weapons enthusiasts and retired law enforcement & military personnel. That hands-on experience joins highly-skilled designers, engineers, and machine operators to manufacture some of the industry's most innovative firearms.

Since their founding, Garaysar has successfully fulfilled numerous defense and security-related projects around the world. The professionalism of their personnel and uncompromising passion for the products and services they provide is what has lead to such a high degree of client satisfaction — establishing Garaysar as a leader in modern weaponry.

The Garaysar Fear-104 12 gauge semi-automatic AK-style shotgun features olive drab polymer furniture, a 4140 steel barrel, and aluminum receiver. Includes two 5rd magazines.


(2) 5rd steel magazines
Choke Set w/ case: Multiple (F, M, C)
Adjustable cheek rest
Hard case

Pricing Unit EA
Model FEAR-104
UPC 850012235408
Length 29.50
Weight 8.60
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel Finish Olive Drab
Barrel Length 20"
Barrel Material 4140 Steel
Firearm Type Bullpup
Gauge 12
Hand Right
Magazine Capacity 5
Number of Magazines Included 2
Receiver Finish Olive Drab
Receiver Material 7075 T6 Aluminum
Search Code GARAY
Stock Finish Olive Drab

Item : SG0200OD | SKU : FEAR104OD

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Just another ridiculous looking Turkish shotgun. Move along, nothing to see here folks.

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Turkish weapons are typically made well. This looks cool, but would never buy without being able to handle it

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Garaysar (suck name btw) is registered in Florida....home of the very high end Kel-Tec crap.
I smell the stink of KelTec all over this pile.

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I have 9 kel tec products and never a problem with any of them .

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Unfortunately kel-tec has nothing to do with them. I'm fairly sure the company in Florida is just importing these from Turkey.

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Sure looks close.
If you use that link, check out the centerfire semi auto rifles, very very similar, bullpup, mag, upper sight bar(?), stock, near identical.

To Corey....sorry man.
If you ever get near the middle of the US msg me and I'll take you shooting on private land with LOTS of high end rifles and pistols.

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I've see alot of turkish weapons in my day but nothing this cheeseball looking.
KelTec makes things that look very similar to this.
I'd take a Turkish TriStar shotgun any day over this turd burger....TriStars just flat out work and have never seen any issues at all from them.
Buddy of mine owns a upland bird hunting lodge and they use them all day every day.....not one failure.

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Description is trying very hard to make it sound like this is made in America why do I not believe that?

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