The next generation of performance self-defense ammunition is here. G9's External Hollow Points exceed regular hollow-point bullets when tested against both barriers and ballistic gel. A lightweight bullet offers both speed and low recoil performance without compromising effectiveness. The bullet's fluting allows them to create massive cavitation and penetration, without over-penetrating the target. Windshields won't deflect these bullets as much compared to traditional hollow-points. Barrier Blind technology gives the ultimate performance in demanding situations. 20 cartridges per box.

80 Grain
1480 FPS
Solid Copper Machined Bullet
20 qty
High Energy
Low Recoil

MPN#: 9-EXHP-80
UPC#: 040232683435

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I found 200 rounds of 45 ACP few weeks ago at Academy for $120. Fucking stupid price for a 9 mm HP.

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These will wash dishes for you at this price.

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You gotta have balls trying to rip customers off.

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