Stack-On 54-Gun Combination Lock, Gray Pebble - $998.97.0 (Free Store Pickup or Free S/H over $35)

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Keep up to 54 of your prize rifles or shotguns sound and secure in this fireproof Stack-On 54-Gun Combination Lock Gun Safe with a first-rate combination locking system.
Stack-On 54-Gun Combination Lock, Gray Pebble:
- The Stack-On 54-Gun Combination Lock Gun Safe is an epoxy-painted steel safe holds up to 54 rifles or shotguns
- The Gray Pebble Stack-On Gun Safe can convert to hold 18 guns plus storage
- 3-number combination lock with drill-resistant, hardened-steel plate behind lock for greater security
- 4-way locking with new 1.5" live-action 8-locking-point bolts
- 6 adjustable shelves and fully carpeted interior
- California-approved firearms safety device - meets requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and regulations issued thereunder
- Water-resistant in 2' of water for 72 hrs - must be bolted to floor to maintain waterproof rating
- Fire rated at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 min
- Weight: 806 lbs
- Stack-On Fire Safe Dimensions: 43.0"L x 28.5"W x 59.0"H
- Model# TD-54-GP-C-S
SKU#: 0008552912354
UPC#: 085529123546

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Safes & Storage
UPC: 085529123546
MPN: 0008552912354
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These safes can be broken in

These safes can be broken in 30 seconds with a punch attqck. Do some research on Youtube before wasting a grand on false security.

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Can you suggest something

Can you suggest something with similar capacity around this price range that would be better? I'm looking to spend about a grand for something with a decent fire rating...
Freedom by Liberty any good?


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With similar capacity nothing

With similar capacity nothing really comes to mind. The Freedoms by Liberty are definitely a step up in security. Look for something with a spring loaded relocker. Keep in mind that if you live in a rural area, you should probably be willing to spend more for a safe as it will take longer for a fire department to respond and the police longer to respond to your alarm provided you have one. Keep in mind it is essential to bolt your safe to the floor AND wall if possible. Pry bar attacks are much easier if the safe can be tipped over. Remember a safe is an investment that you should only have to buy once, so it is better to get too much capacity than too little.

A nice trick is to print a label with a fake combination to the side of your safe. If anything, it could fool a thief into trying it and buying a little more time.

All things considered, it is better to have an inadequate safe than none at all if you cannot afford a secure one.

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Actually my local dicks would

Actually my local dicks would delivery it for $50 one flight of stairs (not just curbside). And i am sorry that i would not support a store even if it was $500. That keeps wages low enough so there employees can get state aid and healthcare while they profit billions. But are costing the states billions. So yes i will go to my local store who has better pricing,there people make roughly $13 hr to start. And they actually know the product they sell. Was glad to see walmart is closing stores and are not projecting good earnings this year.

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not a bad deal. roughly same

not a bad deal. roughly same as black friday deal from dicks with shipping charges

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Ummmmm i looked at the one at

Ummmmm i looked at the one at dicks and im am pretty sure it was a 64 gun safe for $699. So not nearly the same for $300 more and holds 10 less guns. And being sold at walmart alone. If it was $500 out the door i would not buy. Rather go buy a safe from a local store who pays more the $7.50 hr and does not treat people like garbage. Just my own self integrity.

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read completly before you

read completly before you comment. i said plus shipping. Dicks charges about 400$ for shipping. yes it is a 64 gun safe but like i said ALMOST as good a deal. if you wouldnt buy this for 500$ out the door you are a moron. good day sir

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