The most affordable bullpup PCC on the market, the HTA MBS 95, is now shipping! Use code FreeShip4Me to get free shipping on this and all items in our store!

By offering some of the most advanced features of any bullpup conversion system on the market, the MBS 95 from HTA gives shooters the ability to bring improved ergonomics, serviceability, and maneuverability to the rugged simplicity of the Hi-Point Carbine™. The MBS (Modular Bullpup System) 95 is a radical deviation from other bullpup conversions, thanks in large part to its modular design. Assembly can be accomplished in minutes and field stripping in mere seconds. The stock is fully ambidextrous, complete with a reversible forward charging handle, forward magazine release, and a shell deflector for left handed use. Eight M-Lok® slots allow for the addition of extra rails and other accessories such as QD sling mounts.

Rounding out the MBS 95 is a durable, glass filled nylon body, two CNC machined aluminum rails, aluminum bedding blocks, an internal recoil reduction system, and a hardened steel trigger linkage. Internal steel components are Melonited to offer the very best in corrosion resistance and the aluminum rails are hardcoat anodized for durability.

The MBS 95 in is compatible with all models of the Hi-Point Carbine including the "Classic" model and the newer "TS". When ordering, make sure you order the same caliber of your rifle. Hi-Point Carbine not included.

The MBS 95 may make your rifle illegal in some jurisdictions. Know your state and local laws and if you live in a restricted state, be prepared to make the necessary adjustments to remain compliant. We are working on making compliant stocks for restricted states, but until then, you are responsible for compliance. Some states (CA, CT, MD, etc.) have 29" or 30" overall length minimums and bans on certain features, such as pistol grips on semiautomatic rifles with removable magazines. This stock has both a pistol grip and lowers the OAL to about 26.25".

Do not order this item if you live in a restricted state and do not understand the law or would be in violation of the law by assembling this conversion on your rifle.

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The trigger is mussy but this kit is a super fun upgrade.

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You know what.. I may just buy a hi-point rifle now.. Why not!?

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Nice! Finally a quality kit to make the hipoint carbine rifles look decent. Although there is haters out there but one cannot deny the value and reliability of the hipoint carbines. Their just butt ugly, this should make them alot better in my opinion.

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