The FR-99 12 Ga. shotgun features a 5+1, semi auto gas operated, synthetic stock. The shotgun is chambered for 3” MAG has a 20” barrel with tube choke and a manual safety. Designed for tactical use with its AR platform, 4140 steel barrel this shotgun is made with performance and durability in mind.

Each FR-99 Semi-Auto Shotgun comes with one 5 round magazine (Style may vary)

Additional features compared to similar/Competitor products:
-The receiver/frame is thicker than our competition
-The trigger parts are machined from solid stock, not investment cast
-The magazines are designed to work with both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells
-Gas system is self-adjusted to any shell. Spring and buffer system can handle high powered shells with no problem
-Our FR-99 has ergonomic grips and cheek rest
-The magazines work with those commonly available on the market for similar style shotguns

Optic And 10 Round Magazine in pictures NOT INCLUDED

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all FedArm products

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complete junk! nothing more than a conversation piece. These are so finicky with ammo types and are super unreliable. Add that to 5 round mags that extras cost an arm and a leg and this just doesnt add up to me. Yes I have owned this, sold it less than a month later because it was pissing me off jamming and failure to eject shells. Do yourself a favor and buy any semi auto shotgun over this....

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