The Foxtrot Mike Products AR-15 pistol brace is designed for use on smooth style pistol buffer tubes with a 1.2” outside diameter. It is made from a synthetic rubber and designed to be wrapped around your forearm providing a more stable platform when shooting your rifle style pistol with one hand. The FM products AR pistol brace comes with three spacers to adjust the length depending on your preference. Just place them inside the brace before sliding it over the buffer tube. With a friction fit design, it is extremely easy to install. Some WD-40 or other lubricant may be needed to help slide it over the buffer tube. Once fully inserted, it is guaranteed to stay in place. To remove, simply use a flathead screw driver create a gap between the buffer tube and brace, apply more lubricant and twist and pull to get it to come loose. Perfect for either a pistol caliber build or even a short barrel 5.56, this AR-15 arm brace allows you to have a compact AR without the need for a tax stamp.

- Compatible with pistol buffer tubes with 1.2” outside diameter
- Designed to be used one handed with brace wrapped around forearm
- Made from synthetic rubber
- Wide cheek rest for bracing against your cheek
- Includes three spacers to customize length
- Easy to install and remove
- Friction fit design

Feature rich, high-quality, and affordable, Foxtrot Mike Products offer cutting edge solutions utilizing the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes available. The FM Products pistol arm brace is one of the most simple and affordable on the market.

Brand: Foxtrot Mike Products
Material: Rubber
Platform: AR-15
Sling Mount: Non-Mount
Storage: Not Storage Capable
Type: Arm Brace

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Login or register to post comments a few of these for $15 not that long ago......there’s probably .50 of recycled Goodyear involved

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Like this better than a KAK blade. Removal from buffer tube easier if you work in the lubricant while heating the brace.

1 vote
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Price is now $29.99.

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Looks like a pos.

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1 vote

It's definitely better than a blade style brace and I would even argue it's better than the non adjustable versions of the sig brace.

1 vote
0 votes well worth the money

1 vote
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Way better than the "blade" style and a whole lot cheaper than a sba... Worth the money for sure to upgrade an old blade...

2 votes
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