The Echo Sport Trigger from Fostech provides the same pull-and-release firing functionality of the original Fostech Echo AR-II Trigger, but the controls have been modified to eliminate the use of the 3rd safety selector position. Instead, a control paddle in front of the trigger guard moves side to side to select single fire or Echo firing modes. Same functionality, but at a significantly lower price!

The Echo Trigger has several distinct features:

Patent-pending ATF Approved new design
Light, clean, and crisp pull in Semi-Automatic Mode
Trigger Shape - Traditional Curved
Trigger Pull Weight - Range 5-8 lb
New paddle control design, eliminates use of 3rd selector position
Reliable function in Echo Mode


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this is a good price folks.mine works just fine!

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So this thing works like the original binary trigger system? It fires once upon pull and once on release of the trigger? Anyone have experience with these exact models?

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I have both and this baby works great! You may need to assemble it if the slave pin pops out at first, which can be tricky but all the instructions are included.

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This guy breaks down this trigger pretty well and compares it to the Echo II.

2 votes
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