The FoldAR complete upper is ideal for your next build by giving you all the advantages of our Type II technology or to upgrade your favorite lower! Stocked right out of the box with a precision barrel and the overall quality you would expect from the most well-built ARs offered today. Make your next build the most compact rifle in your safe now!

UPC 742548576974
SKU 4012
Caliber .300 Blackout/.223 Wylde
Barrel Length 9"
Muzzle Thread Pitch 5/8"-24
Finish Type 3 Class 2 Hardcoat Anodized
Muzzle Device A2 Compensator 5/8"-24
Barrel Twist 1:7
Rail Configuration Magpul M-Lok
Special Features SHUT Locking Hinge
Product Generation Second
Weight 3 lb 7.1 oz.

Manufacturer FoldAR

Product videos

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$125 Price drop! Get a 6 pack of Gumby Guns while you can!

I am all in favor of innovation, and this is neat...but not sure what problem this solves. You don't really make your AR any smaller, you just make it fit into an igloo cube rather than a violin case.

Can we look into man-portable laser weapons or particle beams instead?

Why the need for an FFL for an upper?

I'd like to combine this with a Law Tactical folding stock for the ultimate origami AR

EDIT: I was joking, but i see that is actually what they suggest in that video XD

What the Wholly F@ck is this for? When they're not posting SKULL 80% lowers which no jig exists for, or ULTRA MATCH FLUTED 3" barrels they're reinventing the STUPID for about a grand. Screw Headspace when that latch get's a few thousandths wear on it.

headspace isn't affected by that. you can move the barrel for and aft and hesdspacing is still only determined by the bolt and chamber depth. not barrel placement.

Move the barrel fore & aft? It's torqued in place like any AR. When the latch wears the upper feed ramps won't lock against the barrel extension feed ramps correctly and the bolt will have the extra slop to cover before locking in the barrel extension if it even can. If you don't think that effects headspace go back to slingshots.

1) Headspacing doesn't work that way. Rather its a fixed condition of the bolt face to bolt lug dimension, and the chamber depth relative to the extension lugs. The only way headspacing changes is if the extension lugs wear in, or if the bolt lugs or bolt face wears in. What you are describing is akin to shimming out a standard AR barrel fore (or aft - by removing material instead of adding a shim) and saying that this shimming causes the headspace to change, which it doesn't.
2) FoldAR's shoot safely even when the latch/hook is not engaged.
3) I haven't seen a latch wear down to any measurable degree over the course of thousands of folds cycles. Notably, for the lifetime of a well-used firearm it will only see into the hundreds of fold cycles. Generally, you can assume it gets unfolded/latched/unlatched/folded every 50 rounds of fire. Your barrel will pretty much be gone before you reach 300 latching cycles.
4) We have .002" thickness shim kits available to easily install (3-5 minutes, using common Allen wrenches) behind the extension flange which will tighten up the latch if there ever was a concern. We have never had to use these in the 2+ years of continuous product testing. Again, this doesnt have any effect on headspacing whatsoever; i.e. .002" shim = .000" headspace change.... .006" shim = .000" headspace change.
5) TEEX has verified through independent testing that the FoldAR product precisely returns to zero after repeated use and deployment.

If you're saying a barrel can't be shimmed out of allowing correct bolt lockup due to distance, I'm not buying it. Not to mention ramp misalignment feed issues it creates. So you work for FOLD AR or Rainier? Tell us EXACTLY who you are? Way to hold all the cards and act like a casual observer. You have knowledge of Thousands of fold cycles to toss out when it's convenient and not in your FIRST POST? Wow....with that data every grunt at Paris Isle. should be issued one! Well, what you're more than likely going to discover, Just like GLOCKS...No one wants this! It's a solution looking to capitalize on a PROBLEM that doesn't exist. Now I suppose you'll dazzle me with folding glock sales numbers while explaining levi pocket size dimensions based on sweat shop day of the week. Better yet, Since you hold all the cards tell us why an FFl is required, why it's worth $829 for an upper, and why ANYONE needs one?

I own FoldAR and have the patent on the folding AR.
What I have stated above, mechanically speaking, is 100% true and not contestable. Any firearms engineer or designer can vouch for the fact that headspacing is not -in any way- dependent upon upon anything other than bolt lugs/bolt face and extension lugs/chamber depth. Neither of these factors are mechanically influenced (theoretically or practically) by the FoldAR hinge or latch mechanisms, their tightness or looseness.

"No one wants this!" - spoken like a true Champ. More probable, spoken like someone the FoldAR product line is about to take market share from.
"A problem that doesnt exist" - Stoner's original AR was a solution to a problem that didn't exist, in your context. FoldAR cuts the footprint in half (in one-third when considering the Double FoldAR). I'd say that's pretty useful. Probably the most useful AR product that has ever been introduced besides the AR itself.
"Folding Glock"... Yeah, they are selling like hotcakes. Will the concept last for years to come? Hell, I don't know. Will other manufacturers start to incorporate the tech? Very likely. Will it eventually become a common product at decent pricing? Probably. Is it useful? I will just take my Sig P365.
"Why is an FFL required?" Its not, its an upper. Probably just an oversight made by whoever listed the product. Its only been up a week or so. Why the aggressive armchair refereeing anyways?
"Why ANYONE needs one?" Hell, I don't know... maybe we should just go along with Feinstein and ban all AR's. No one NEEDS them, when a break-action shotgun will do the trick.

Congratulations on the patent. Nice to see innovations continue on the AR platform. Its refreshing to see someone like you posting on here that creates something more significant than a bitch session or an arguement.

"No one wants this". I'm just a 4 tour war vet putting in my 2-cents. I am one that doesn't want this. Really ridiculous. And for that price? No thanks.

You should have just cut to the "HELL I DON'T KNOW" part sooner and save me the BS. Good luck with your Gumby Gun AND your Striker dragging pin breaking not ready for prime time P365. You went from attempting to be factual to "maybe we should ban all AR's" pretty damn fast which no one is advocating so why use it as part of your argument? WEAK at best.

Uspsa champ; Stop being a crotchety old hater. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. This guy has done more for the gun world than you will in your entire life. You contribute nothing except snarky comments on gun deals. Get a life and move on..

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